Fi-Tones/Fi-Tones Quintette & Related Artists

Fi-Tones error – She Is The Girl For Me/ I Found My Baby, ’59 (Angle Tone 539) (This is by the Fabulous Fabuliers.  The book does list under the correct group as well.)



The Fi-Tones were formerly The Cavaliers.  As/per Marv Goldberg the Atlas releases misspelled the Cavaliers name.  Label scans confirm spelling as Caverliers.

as Acc Art Shelton’s Orch (Vocal by Les Gardner & Caverliers) – You Thrill Me So, ’53 (Atlas 1031 & Atlas 1035, ’55)


as Acc Art Shelton’s Orch (Vocal by Caverliers Quartet) – Dynaflow, ’53 (Atlas 1031 & Atlas 1035, ’55)

(Scan only found for Atlas 1035.)


as Roscoe Thorne & The Caverliers (Acc Ben Smith Quintet) – Dolores/ Peddler Of Dreams, ’53 (Atlas 1033)


as The Cavaliers

– Delores [sic], ’73 (Relic LP 5010 A9)

– Peddler Of Dreams, ’73 (Relic LP 5010 B5) (Disc credits as Peddler Of My Dreams.)

(The album back cover credits as Cavaliers)



The following releases are posted/label scans found..

Fi-Tones Vocal Group (Vocal by Fi-Tones) – Foolish Dreams/ Let’s Fall In Love, ’55 (Atlas 1050)

Fi-Fi-Tones Quintette (ft Reed & Davis) – Foolish Dreams/ Lets [sic] Fall In Love, ’55 (Atlas 1050) (Repo scans.)

Fi-Tones – Foolish Dreams/ Let’s Fall In Love, ’55 (Atlas 1050)


Fi Tones Quintette – It Wasn’t A Lie/ Lots And Lots Of Love, ’55 (Atlas 1051-first pressing)

and as

Fi Tones Quintette (ft L Davis) –  It Wasn’t A Lie, ’55 (Atlas 1051)

Fi Tones Quintette (Vocal Davis-Reed) –  Lots And Lots Of Love, ’55 (Atlas 1051)


Fi Tones Quintette (Vocal by Redd) – Love You, Baby, ’55 (Atlas 1052)

Fi Tones (Vocal Lowe-Redd) – I Call To You, ’55 (Atlas 1052)


Fi-Tones Quintette (ft L Murray) – I Belong To You, ’56 (Atlas 1055)

Fi-Tones Quintette (Gene Redd) – Silly & Sappy, ’56 (Atlas 1055)


Fi-Tones Quintette (ft L Davis) – Waiting For Your Call/ My Tired Feet, ’56 (Atlas 1056)



Fi-Tones – My Faith/ My Heart, ’57 (Old Town 1042)


Fi-Tones (ft Lloyd Davis) – You’ll Be The Last, ’58 (Angle Tone 525)  (Scan found for A-Side with group credited as [The Fi-Tone])

Fi-Tones (ft Reggie Barnes) – Wake Up, ’58 (Angle Tone 525)


Fi-Tones (ft L Murrey) – What Am I Goin [sic] To Do, ’58 (Angle Tone 530)

Fi-Tones (ft Lloyd Davis) – It Was’ent [sic] A Lie, ’58 (Angle Tone 530)


Fi-Tones – Deep In My Heart/ Minnie, ’59 (Angletone 536)



Charles Hodges (BB The Fi-Tones-uncredited) – Can I Run To You/ There Is Love, ’65 (Alto 2016)



Carl Thomas & The Fitones – I Love You Judy/ Sweet Lovin’ Maryan, ’59 (Stroll 101 & O Gee 1004)

(This artist is not part of the Fi-Tones.  Scans found.)


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