Fi Dells/ Fi-Dells & Fi-Dels

Fi Dells Quartet


Fi Dells Quartet (Indianapolis)

– Time And Time Again/ Foggy Day, ’58 (India 5822-3)

  • Book dated 1961.

– Moonlight Serenade/ Sooner Or Later, ’59 (India 5273-4)

Hey, Senorita!/ Moonlight Becomes You, ’61 (India 2663-4)


Fi-Dells Groups


Fi-Dells (NY-Girl Group) – No Other Love (Like Yours)/ Come Back To Me, ’57 (Warner 1014)


released as Holidays – Come Back To Me/ No Other Love (Like Yours), ’61 (Brent 7018)


released as Suzy & The Copycats – Come Back To Me/ No Other Love (Like Yours), ’61 (Brent 7020)


Note:  The releases on Warner and Brent are the same songs for each credited artist.

  • The Warner, Time, Brent & Shad labels were owned by Bob Shad.


Fi-Dells (Hollywood CA) – What Is Love/ Don’t Let Me Love You, ’61 (Imperial 5780)


Fi-Dels Groups


Fi-Dels (Arkansas) – Chivato, ’64 (United Southern Artist 5-110)

Dean Purkiss & Fi-Dels (Arkansas) – Alone Without Love, ’64 (United Southern Artists 5-110)

Book listed B-side as Fi-Dells.  The book did not list the A-side.


Fi-Dels (LA) – Try A Little Harder/ You Never Do Right (My Baby), ’67 (Keymen 106)


as Fidels – Try A Little Harder, ’75 (Vee Jay 1002)

by Keymen Strings – Try A Little Harder, ’75 (Vee Jay 1002)