Fashions Groups

Fashions (Philadelphia) (ref Frankie Brunson)

– I’m Dreaming Of You/ I Love You So, ’59 (V-Tone 202)

  • B-side scan is #’d 202BX.’

– I Am Dreaming Of You/ Lonesome Road, ’59 (V-Tone N202)

– I Just Got A Letter/ Try My Love, ’61 (Ember 1084)


Fashions (Manhattan-NY) (ref Barbara English)

– All I Want/ Dearest One, ’61 (Warwick 646)

– Fairy Tales/ Please Let It Be Me, ’62 (Elmor 301)


as Fashions (Manhattan-NY) (Barbara English & The)

– We Need Them/ Ta-Ta-Tee-Ta-Ta, ’62 (Roulette 4428)

  • Not in book.

– Fever/ Bad News, ‘62 (Roulette 4450)


Gms:  Jeanne Bolden, Barbara Jean English, Helen Powell & Barbara Saunders.)


Fashions (Prod: Dee Ervin & Jerry Landis) – I Set A Trap For You/ Why Don’t You Stay A Little Longer, ’63 (Amy 884)


Fashions (Felsted Surf Group) – Surfin’ Back To School/ Surfers [sic] Memories, ’63 (Felsted 8689)

  • Writing Credits: W Powell


as Fashionettes – Day Dreamin’ Of You/ Only Love, ’64 (GNP Crescendo 322)

  • Writing credits: DeShannon/ Powell.
  • Produced by Gary Paxton & Dale Davis.

Same group or ?


Fashions (Los Angeles) (Dolly & The)

– Absense Made My Heart Grow Fonder/ Waiting For My Man, ‘64 (Tri Disc 111)

– Just Another Fool/ The Right One, ’65 (Ivanhoe 5019)


Fashions (NY Unknown Group) – When Love Slips Away/ IOU (A Lifetime Of Love), ’68 (20th Century Fox 6703)

  • References on label are J. Ross, S. English, V. Melrose.


Fashions (Philadelphia) (Frankie (LaFaro) & The)

– This Time It’s Forever/ Gonna Find A Love (Classic 137)

– My Love For You/ Linda, ’93 (Avenue D 19)

– Blame It On Another Rainy Day/ Say What You Mean, ’94 (Avenue D 21)

– United In Harmony/ Guardian Angel, ’94 (Crystal Ball 162)


2 thoughts on “Fashions Groups

    • Thanks for the links. The groups have one member (Bill (Billy) Hyde) in common.

      Fashions (Frankie (Lafaro) & The) – Hold Me, Darling, ’93 (49th St U-36391M) (gm: Frank Lafaro, Bob Croce, Bill Hyde & Frank Caruso.)

      Remember When – Symphony Of Love, ’93 (49th St U-36391M) (gm: Mike Alullo, Vito De Servio, Danny Fennell, Billy Hyde & Henny Sauer.)

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