Fascinators Groups

Fascinators (Detroit) – The Bells Of My Heart/ Sweet Baby, ’54 (Your Copy 1135)


Fascinators (Detroit) (Music by The Baseliners) – My Beauty, My Own/ Don’t Give It Away, ’55 (Your Copy 1136)


Fascinators (Detroit)

– Can’t Stop/ Don’t Give My Love Away, ’55 (Blue Lake 112)

– My Beauty, My Own/ But I’ll Remember, ’55 (Blue Lake-unissued)


Gms: Clarence Smith (Lead), Earl Richardson (Tenor), Jerry Potter (2nd Tenor), Donald Blackshear (Baritone) & Bob Rivers (Bass).


Fascinators (LA) – Shivers & Shakes/ Tear Drop Eyes, ’58 (Dootone 441)

  • Book listed label as ‘Dooto.’


Fascinators (King) – Tee Vee/ Cuddle Up With Carolyn, ’58 (King 5119)

  • Writing credits: Izzo-Derrick.


Fascinators (NY)

– Chapel Bells/ I Wonder Who, ’58 (Capitol 4053 & Capitol 4544, ’61)

– Who Do You Think You Are/ Come To Paradise, ’59 (Capitol 4137)

– Oh Rose Marie/ Fried Chicken And Macaroni, ’59 (Capitol 4247)

– Oh Rose Marie (1958 Demo)/ Forgive Me, My Darling (1958 Demo), ’72 (Bim Bam Boom 110)

– Oh Rosemarie, ’90 (Popular Request 106)

  • The flip ‘There Goes My Love’ is by the RCA Fantastics.

– Teenage Wedding (Recorded In 1959)/ Recess (Recorded In 1959), ’95 (Park Avenue 10)


Fascinators – Capitol LP 1008 (The Rob Roys Meet The Fascinators)

  • Rob Roys are Side Two.

Side One: I Wonder Who, Chapel Bells, Oh Rose Marie, Fried Chicken & Macaroni, Who Do You Think You Are, Come To Paradise, Forgive Me My Darling, Dear Lord 1-8, Oh Rose Marie (Demo).


Fascinators (New York) (ref Paul Tesluk-Johnny & The Hurricanes) – You’re To Blame {I}/ Revived {I}, ’62 (Trans Atlas 688)


Fascinators (Detroit-Based Group) – I’ll Be Gone/ Can’t You See I’m Lonely, ’65 (Burn 845)

As/https://www.discogs.com/artist/4855929-The-Fascinators-7, gms are: Helen Simpson, Ronnie Preyer & Joe Lawson.


Fascinators (Tennessee Label) (Glin Littleton & The) – Sherry My Love/ Tipsy {I} (Lake 1003)


4 thoughts on “Fascinators Groups

  1. fascinators(la):mistake,this band is from oklahoma.here’s another fascinators on dootone,originally from l.A with eddie daniels(futur four dots on freedom) and menbers of the penguins.they recorded a version of “i wonder why” who was issued on a ace cd.

    • The Dootone Fascinators are the group posted from LA in this thread. I could not locate a group from Oklahoma in my post.

      To sort the books entries of a group, label locations or snippets of their history might be contained in a post, but often longer accounts are available through several other sources.

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