Fascinations Groups

Fascinations (Ohio) – Midnight/ Doom Bada Doom, ’60 (Sure 106)

  • All scans found were as Doom Bada Doom.
  • The book listed as Boom Bada Boom.
    • As/soulfulkindamusic, there is a rare copy of Sure 106 as Boom Bada Boom.


Fascinations (Ohio) – Midnight/ Doom Bada Doom (Crystal Ball CD 1039)

  • The group is credited as ‘Jordan & The Fascinations’ on the CD.


As/ www.buckeyebeat.com/fascinations.html) they were a teen vocal group of students from Buchtel HS in Akron.

  • Principal lead was Jordan Zankoss.  Other members included Gene Blackford, Darrel McDonald and Phill DiMascio.
  • This was the only 45 they recorded.
  • Jordan formed another group of Fascinations in NYC with other members.


Fascinations (Hollywood CA) – If I Had Your Love/ Why, ’61 (Paxley 750 & Doré 593)

Reunion Group as Deja-Vu

– Maybe/ Over The Rainbow, ’84 (Starlight 22)

  • No scans found.

– 50 Candles

  • While it’s no longer available on youtube, ’50 Candles’ was a fun rendition based on 16 Candles.


A youtube video posted by Charles Stansfield, listed the gms as Ken Mowery, Dave Walker, Tom Holder, Dave Bilgen & Chuck Stansfield.

  • The group later reformed as Deja-Vu with original members “except Tom Holder and added Joe Dahlin for a while and then Diane Walker Stansfield.”


Fascinations (NYC) (Jordan & The)

– Give Me Your Love/ Once Upon A Time, ’61 (Carol 4116)

– My Imagination/ I’ll Be Forever Loving You, ’61 (Dapt 203)

– Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild/ My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore, ’61 (Dapt 207)

– She’s Gone (2:46)/ Goodnight (w intro) (2:30), ’62 (Dapt 210-unreleased)

  • Blue vinyl scans.

– I’m Goin’ Home/ If You Love Me Really Love Me, ’62 (Josie 895)


Gms: Jordan Christopher, Frankie Zazzo, Lou Adessa and Jim Alessandria. 

Fascinations (NYC) – Goodnight/ 1-2-3, ’78 (Crystal Ball 123)

  • No scans found as #123 or #923 as some list.
  • According to one source, there were only 500 black vinyl and 25 red vinyl copies made.


Fascinations (NYC) – If You Love Me Really Love Me/ Delores (1:49), ‘90 (Magic Carpet EP 509 (Side A))

  • ‘Delores’ is by The Boulevards (released on Everest 19316 in 1959) but credited as The Fascinations on the Magic Carpet issue.

Fascinations (NYC) (ft Jordan) – Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild/ Once Upon A Time, ‘90 (Magic Carpet EP 509 (Side B))


Jordan and The Fascinations and Friends (The Gothics and Boulevards)

#1-4 (I’ll Be Forever Loving You, My Imagination, My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore, Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild)

#5-6 (Midnight and Doom Bada Doom) are done by Ohio Fascinations.

#7-12 (Give Me Your Love, Once Upon A Time, I’m Goin’ Home, If You Love Me, Really Love Me, One Two Three, She’s Gone)

#13-14 previously unreleased (Loving Fool and Baby I Need You)

#31 (Goodnight)


Fascinations (Brooklyn NY) (w Al Browne’s Orch) – Since You Went Away/ I’m Gonna Cry, ’72 (A&G 101)

  • Recorded in 1959.


As/ a note at https://www.discogs.com/Fascinations-Since-You-Went-Away-Im-Gonna…, this is an unknown group given the name ‘Fascinations’ by Tony D’Ambrosia of A&G Records.


Fascinations (NY-funk group) (Cecil Garrett & The) – Bearcat (Part I)/ Bearcat (Part II), ’65 (Calla 107)

  • Group was not included in the book.


Fasinations [sic] (Detroit)

– Mama Didn’t Lie/Someone Like You, ’62 (ABC-Paramount 10387)

– Tears In My Eyes/ You Gonna Be Sorry, ’62 (ABC-Paramount 10443)


As/soulfulkindamusic gms are: Shilrley Walker, Joanne Levell, Bernadine Boswell And Fern Bledsoe.


The group became the Fascinations [sic] in 1966 and recorded for the Mayfield label.