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Fascinations (Ohio) – Midnight/ Doom Bada Doom, ’60 (Sure 106) (All scans found were as Doom Bada Doom.  The book listed as Boom Bada Boom.  As/soulfulkindamusic, there is a rare copy of Sure 106 as Boom Bada Boom.)


Fascinations (Ohio) – Midnight/ Doom Bada Doom (Crystal Ball CD 1039)

(The group is credited as Jordan & The Fascinations on the CD.)

As/ (www.buckeyebeat.com/fascinations.html) they were a teen vocal group of students from Buchtel HS in Akron.  Principal lead was Jordan Zankoss.  Other members included Gene Blackford, Darrel McDonald and Phill DiMascio.  This was the only 45 they recorded.  Jordan formed another group of Fascinations in NYC with other members.



Fascinations (Hollywood CA) – If I Had Your Love/ Why, ’61 (Paxley 750 & Dore 593)


Fascinations (Hollywood CA) Reunion Group as Deja-Vu

– Maybe/ Over The Rainbow, ’84 (Starlight 22) (No scans found.)

– 50 Candles (While it’s no longer available on youtube, ’50 Candles’ was a fun rendition based on 16 Candles.)

A youtube video posted by Charles Stansfield, listed the gms as Ken Mowery, Dave Walker, Tom Holder, Dave Bilgen & Chuck Stansfield.  The group later reformed as Deja-Vu with original members “except Tom Holder and added Joe Dahlin for a while and then Diane Walker Stansfield.”



Fascinations (NYC) (Jordan & The) (gms: Jordan Christopher, Frankie Zazzo, Lou Adessa and Jim Alessandria.)

– Give Me Your Love/ Once Upon A Time, ’61 (Carol 4116)

– My Imagination/ I’ll Be Forever Loving You, ’61 (Dapt 203)

– Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild/ My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore, ’61 (Dapt 207)

– She’s Gone (2:46)/ Goodnight (w intro) (2:30), ’62 (Dapt 210-unreleased) (Blue vinyl scans.)

– I’m Goin’ Home/ If You Love Me Really Love Me, ’62 (Josie 895)


Fascinations (NYC) – Goodnight/ 1-2-3, ’78 (Crystal Ball 123)

(No scans found as #123 or #923 as some list.  According to one source, there were only 500 black vinyl and 25 red vinyl copies made.)


Fascinations (NYC) – If You Love Me Really Love Me/ Delores (1:49), ‘90 (Magic Carpet EP 509 (Side A))

Fascinations (NYC) (ft Jordan) – Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild/ Once Upon A Time, ‘90 (Magic Carpet EP 509 (Side B))

(Delores is by The Boulevards (released on Everest 19316 in 1959) but credited as The Fascinations on the Magic Carpet issue.)


Jordan and The Fascinations and Friends (The Gothics and Boulevards)

#1-4 (I’ll Be Forever Loving You, My Imagination, My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore, Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild)

#5-6 error (Midnight and Doom Bada Doom) are done by Ohio Fascinations.

#7-12 (Give Me Your Love, Once Upon A Time, I’m Goin’ Home, If You Love Me, Really Love Me, One Two Three, She’s Gone)

#13-14 previously unreleased (Loving Fool and Baby I Need You)

#31 (Goodnight)



Fascinations (Brooklyn NY) (w Al Browne’s Orch) – Since You Went Away/ I’m Gonna Cry, ’72 (A&G 101) (Recorded in 1959)

(As/ a note at https://www.discogs.com/Fascinations-Since-You-Went-Away-Im-Gonna…, this is an unknown group given the name ‘Fascinations’ by Tony D’Ambrosia of A&G Records.  The sides were originally recorded in 1959 for Al Browne.

See the video and more of the story at (www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8GXJNE3P4g))



Fascinations (NY-funk group) (Cecil Garrett & The) – Bearcat (Part I)/ Bearcat (Part II), ’65 (Calla 107) (Group was not included in the book.)



Fasinations [sic] (Detroit)

– Mama Didn’t Lie/Someone Like You, ’62 (ABC-Paramount 10387)

– Tears In My Eyes/ You Gonna Be Sorry, ’62 (ABC-Paramount 10443)

As/soulfulkindamusic gms are: Shilrley Walker, Joanne Levell, Bernadine Boswell And Fern Bledsoe.

The group became the Fascinations [sic] in 1966 and recorded for the Mayfield label.



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