Fairlanes Groups

Fairlanes (Louisiana)

– Seventeen Steps/ Johnny Rhythm, ’59 (Lucky Seven 102)

(No artist credit on label.  There is a youtube comment from Charles Diamond, “Thank you I had to pleasure in recording this song and also Johnny Rhythm.”)

– Just For Me/ Bullseye, ’59 (Dart 109)


Fairlanes (Louisiana) (Charles Perrywell [sic] & His) – Come Along With Me/ Your [sic] Lonesome Now, ‘61 (Tic-Toc 104)

(Artist name is Charles ‘Diamond’ Pennywell.  Label scan as Perrywell.)



Fairlanes (Alabama)

– If The World Don’t End Tomorrow (I’m Comin’ After You), ’60 (Argo-Unreleased)

– Little Girl, Little Girl/ Comin’ After You, ’60 (Argo 5357)

– I’m Not The Kind Of Guy (That Gives Up Easy)/ The Dagwood, ’62 (Zonk 1001 & Minaret 103)

(gm: Charles Senn, Billy Sherrill, Terry Thompson, Rick Hall, and Randy Allen.)



Fairlanes (San Francisco CA Label) – Writing This Letter/ Playboy, ’61 (Continental 1001) (Writing credits Ramona King.)



Fairlanes (Reprise Group) – Surf Train {I}/ Lonely Weekends, ’63 (Reprise 20213 (Produced by Johnny Rivers)



Fairlanes (New Jersey Group)

– Baby Baby/ Tell Me, ’64 (Radiant 101)

– The New York Sound/ The New York Sound {I}, ’64 (Radiant 104) (B-side is instrumental version.)



Fairlanes (Times Sq Acappella) – Memories Of The Past, ’89 (Relic LP 5079 2-2)


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    • The article answered my question so the post can follow the recorded order. An enjoyable read, especially the notes about ‘Seventeen Steps’. Much appreciation for sending.

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