Fabulous Four Groups

Fabulous Four (Philadelphia) (Group members are no longer the same as the Four J’s)

– In The Chapel In The Moonlight/ Mister Twist, ’60 (Chancellor 1062)

– Let’s Try Again/ Precious Moments, ’61 (Chancellor 1068)

– The Sounds Of Summer/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love, ’61 (Chancellor 1078)

– Betty Ann/ Prisoner Of Love, ’61 (Chancellor 1085)

– I’m Comin’ Home/ Everybody Knows, ’61 (Chancellor 1090)

– Mr Twist/ Everybody Knows, ’61 (Chancellor 1098)

– Forever/ (It’s No) Sin, ’62 (Chancellor 1102)


Fabian With The Fabulous Four – The Love That I’m Giving To You/ You’re Only Young Once, ’61 (Chancellor 1079)



Fabulous Four (Los Angeles) – Oop-Shoobie-Doop Bam-A-Lam/ Welcome Me Home, ’62 (Melic 4114)



Fabulous Four (Acapella Group) – Rita (Fortune LP 8017-Treasure Chest Of Musty Dusties Vol 2 (Side 2-6)

(Book did not date release but most listings say 1963. The focus of the LP is on unreleased Detroit Fortune/Hi-Q groups.)



Fabulous Four (Missouri) (Group Members:  Bob Theen, Alex Love, Jeff Mann and Mike Myers)

– Got To Get Her Back/ Now You Cry, ’64 (Brass 311 & Coral 62479, ’66)

– Happy/ Who Could It Be, ’64 (Brass 314)


Fabulous Four (Missouri) as Fab Four

– I’m Always Doing Something Wrong/ Young Blood, ’64 (Brass 316) (Book listed under Fabulous Four.)

– River Days/ I Got A Feeling In My Body, ’73 (Pearce 5842) (Credited as Fab Four.  Not listed in book.)


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