Fabulons Groups

Fabulons (Connecticut)

– Smoke From Your Cigarette/ Give Me Back My Ring, ’60 (Ember 1069)

– This Is The End/ Connie, ’63 (Benson-Ritco 100 & Benson 100)


as Gleems – Sandra Baby/ You Are The One, ’63 (Parkway 893)


As/ https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/the_gleems, gms are: Bert Person, Tony Rizzi, John Hickey, Louis Sileo, Ron Russo.

  • These are the same group members the site uses for the Fabulons.


Fabulons (Oakland CA) – Lonely Boy/ Trying, ’63 (Jo-Dee 1001)

  • Female lead on A-side, male lead on B-side.


Tikis & Fabulons

– For Your Love/ Take A Look, ’65 (Panorama 13)

  • Not listed in book.

– Cherry Pie/ Take A Look, ’65 (Tower 181)

  • Not listed in book.


Fabulons (w The Tikis-uncredited) (Portland Oregon) – Since You’ve Been Gone/ Don’t Ask Me, ’66 (Tower 259)


The group was formed by combining the Tikis (Terry McKinley, Mike Roholt, Jim Wilson (Drums), Dan Schilling (Keys) and John DuVal) and the Fabulons (Dale Coloma [sp?] and Ollie Smith.

  • They were known as the Tikis and Fabulons.


Fabulons (Salem Oregon) (Bobby Winslow & The) – House Of Tears/ Miss Fabulous, ‘62 (Fabulous 1001)


No known association with Portland Tikis & Fabulons.