Expressions Groups

Expressions (New York-Teen Label) – Now That You’re Gone/ Crazy, ’56 (Teen 101)



Expressions (New York-Arliss Label) – My Love, My Love/ The Sign Of Happiness, ’61 (Arliss 1012)



Expressions (Dallas Group) – (Come Back) Karen/Thrill, ’63 (Smash 1848) (gm: Jerry Brown, Frank Cole, Jay Ramsey, Bob Kelly.)


Expressions (Dallas Group) – One Plus One/ Playboy, ’65 (Reprise 0360) (Writing credits on both sides are Jay Ramsey.)



Imaginations (NY) as Expressions – To Cry/ On The Corner, ’63 (Parkway 892)

(Group members are now Bobby Bloom, Philip Agtuca, John Governale, Pete Lanzetta & Richie LeCausi.  When Frank Mancuso left the group, Bobby Bloom became the lead singer.)



Expressions (ref Bobby Davis) – You Better Know It/ Out Of My Life, ’64 (Federal 12533) (Writing credits R. Davis & GC Redd.)

Expressions (Bobby & The) – Everywhere I Go/ Slooptime USA, ‘66 (King 6051) (Writing credits R Davis & GC Redd.  Not listed in book.)



Expressions (Philadelphia) (Billy Harner & The) – Anymore/ Whatcha Gonna Do, ’64 (Lawn 239)


Expressions (J-D & The) – Be Bop A Lula/ Skinny Minnie, ’65 (Guyden 2122 (Garage Sound.)



Expressions (NY-Josie Group) (Johnny (Matthews) & The)

– Where Is The Party/ Something I Want To Tell You, ’65 (Josie 946)

– Shy Girl/ Now That You’re Mine, ’66 (Josie 955)

– Give Me One More Chance/ Boys And Girls Together, ’66 (Josie 959)


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