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Expressions (Teen Label) – Crazy/ Now That You’re Gone, ’56 (Teen 101)

  • As/ youtube Amnon site: “Group is from Bronx, NY.”


Expressions (Arliss Label) – My Love, My Love/ The Sign Of Happiness, ’61 (Arliss 1012)

  • Youtube and other sites state group is from Staten Island, NY.


Expressions (Dallas Group) – Thrill/ (Come Back) Karen, ’63 (Smash 1848)

  • Writing credits: Gerald Ramsey- R Kelly, G Ramsey, J Brown, F Cole.
  • @, youtube comment regarding Come Back Karen by Jay Ramsey
    • “We recorded this, in the 60’s, as a parody of over the top doo wop groups…thought we were being funny. We wrote it in 2 minutes and recorded it with no rehearsal. I thought I was singing with too much angst and drama and the guys were dooing and wopping all over the place. Turns out our label heard it and released it on our next single. If you listen to it, enjoy it and know that it was meant to be fun with absolutely no put down of the groups we all loved. Jay Ramsey”

Gms: Jerry Brown, Frank Cole, Jay Ramsey, Bob Kelly.


Expressions (Dallas Group) – One Plus One/ Playboy, ’65 (Reprise 0360)

  • Writing credits on both sides are J Ramsey.


Imaginations (NY) as Expressions – To Cry/ On The Corner, ’63 (Parkway 892)


Group members are now: Bobby Bloom, Philip Agtuca, John Governale, Pete Lanzetta & Richie LeCausi.

  • When Frank Mancuso left the group, Bobby Bloom became the lead singer.


Expressions (Ohio) (ref Bobby Davis) – You Better Know It/ Out Of My Life, ’64 (Federal 12533)

  • Writing credits: R. Davis & GC Redd.


Expressions (Ohio) (Bobby & The) – Everywhere I Go/ Slooptime USA, ‘66 (King 6051)

  • Writing credits R Davis & GC Redd.
  • Not listed in book.


Expressions (Philadelphia) (Billy Harner & The) – Anymore/ Whatcha Gonna Do, ’64 (Lawn 239)

  • As/ soulfulkindamusic, Billy Harner is born in Caden, New Jersey USA.


Expressions (J-D & The) – Be Bop A Lula/ Skinny Minnie, ’65 (Guyden 2122)


Expressions (NY-Josie Group) (Johnny (Matthews) & The)

– Where Is The Party/ Something I Want To Tell You, ’65 (Josie 946)

– Shy Girl/ Now That You’re Mine, ’66 (Josie 955)

– Give Me One More Chance/ Boys And Girls Together, ’66 (Josie 959)


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