Evergreens & Related Groups

Evergreens (Miami) – Very Truly Yours/ Guitar Player, ’55 (Chart 605)



Evergreens (Santa Monica CA) (Danté & The)

– Alley-Oop/ The Right Time, ’60 (Madison 130)

– Time Machine/ Dream Land, ’60 (Madison 135)

– What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve/ Yeah Baby, ’60 (Madison 143)

– Think Sweet Thoughts/ Da Doo, ’61 (Madison 154)


Evergreens (Santa Monica CA) became Dante & His Friends

– Something Happens/ Are You Just My Friend, ’61 (Imperial 5798)

– Miss America/ Now I’ve Got You, ’62 (Imperial 5827)



Evergreens (NYC) (Eddie & The) (ref Johnny Contardo (Sha Na Na)) – In The Still Of The Night/ In The Still Of The Night, ’73 (Kama Sutra 578)


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