Essex/Anita Humes

Essex – Easier Said Than Done/ Are You Going My Way, ’63 (Roulette 4494)


Essex (ft Anita Humes)

– A Walkin’ Miracle/ What I Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Me, ’63 (Roulette 4515)

– She’s Got Everything/ Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, ’63 (Roulette 4530)


Essex – Easier Said Than Done LP, ’63 (Roulette LP 25234)

  • Only underscored titles were included in the book.

Side 1: Easier Said than Done, Whenever I Need My Baby, Where Is He, All In My Mind, Every Night, I Love Her.

Side 2: Are You Going My Way, Been So Long, Come On To My Party, I Have To Cry, Conga La Ya, We Belong Together.


Essex error – Young And Lively, ’64 (Roulette LP 24246)

  • ‘Young And Lively’ is Album Title and does not appear as a song on the album.

Essex error – I Want You To Be My Boy/ Tonight, Tonight, ’64 (Roulette 4591)

  • This is by The Exciters.


Essex (Anita Humes & The)

– Curfew Lover/ What Did I Do, ’64 (Roulette 4542)

– Are You Going My Way/ Everybody’s Got You (For Your Own), ’67 (Roulette 4750)

– Are You Going My Way/ Everybody’s Got You (For Their Own), ’67 (Roulette 4750)


Essex – The Eagle/ Moonlight, Music And You, ’66 (Bang 537)


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    • The promo scan and label scan as (For Their Own) match the lyrics. Many sources still list the (For Your Own) pressing as the title. It would be interesting to know how many (For Your Own) endings were pressed and if they are valued by collectors? I’ve changed the post to include this scan information. The book did not include either bracketed ending.

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