Esquires Groups

Esquires (NY Label) – If You Only Knew What A Three Cent Stamp Could Do/ Now, Now, Now, ’54 (Epic 9024)


Esquires (Nashville Tennessee) – Only The Angels Know/ One Word For This, ’55 (Hi-Po 1003)

  • Writing credits are ‘Esquires’ with unknown group members.


The book linked the group to the Five Tinos.

    • Five Tinos – Don’t Do That/ Sitting By My Window, ’55 (Sun 222)
    • Five Tinos – Gonna Let You Go/ Mambo Baby (Recorded 1955), ’76 (Sun 514)

Based solely on sound likeness (Hi-Po 1003 & Sun 222), the two groups could be the same.  The origin of the linkage is not known.


Without reaching any conclusions, most information is available for the Five Tinos.

  • According to ( group members for the Five Tinos are Luchrie Jordan, Haywood Hebron, Marvin Walker, and Melvin Jones.
  • Label scans reveal writing credits are ’Tinos.’
    • Teenos – Love Only One/ Alrightee, ’58 (Dub 2839 & Relic 506, ’64)


Others also link the Five Tinos to the Teenos.  Again based on sound likeness to the Five Tinos (Sun #514), the Teenos could be the same group.

  • Scans found for the Teenos have three different writing credits: Tinos (Dub-original?), Walker (Relic 506) and M Walker (Dub-reissue?).


***as Mac & Jake with The Esquire Trio – Yakety Yak (2.38), ’56 (Meteor 5022)

Esquire Trio as Mac Sales with The Esquire Trio – A Gal Named Joe, ’56 (Meteor 5022)

  • Book listed the Esquire Trio with the ‘Esquires on Epic’ and the ‘Esquires on Hi-Po.’


Mac Sales is Malcolm Yelvington who also recorded for Sun Records in Tennessee.

  • Jake is Jake Ryles (Riles).


Lord Luther & The 5 Hearts – Tell Ya What, ’60 (Music City 833)

Lord Luther & The Esquires (California) – Tremble, ’60 (Music City 833)


as Jerry Woodard & The Nuggets  Romeo And Juliet, ’61 (Heart 336)

Esquires (Alabama) (Jerry Woodard & The)  Lonely Man, ’61 (Heart 336)


Esquires (Alabama) (Jerry Woodard & His) – Open The Door/ Romeo And Juliet, ’62 (Heart 341)


Esquires (Alabama) (Jerry Woodard & The) – Boat Of Love/ With A Feeling, ’63 (Argo 5435)

Essquires (Indiana) – Mission Bells/ When I Fall In Love, ’62 (Meridian 6282-83)

  • Book listed as Esquires.



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