Esquires Groups

Esquires (NY Label) – If You Only Knew What A Three Cent Stamp Could Do/ Now, Now, Now, ’54 (Epic 9024)



Esquires (Nashville Tennessee) – Only The Angels Know/ One Word For This, ’55 (Hi-Po 1003) (Writing credits are ‘Esquires’ with unknown group members.  The book linked the group to the Five Tinos.)

  • Five Tinos – Don’t Do That/ Sitting By My Window, ’55 (Sun 222)
  • Five Tinos – Gonna Let You Go/ Mambo Baby (Recorded 1955), ’76 (Sun 514)

Based solely on sound likeness (Hi-Po 1003 & Sun 222), the two groups could be the same.  The origin of the linkage is not known.

Without reaching any conclusions, most information is available for the Five Tinos.  According to ( group members for the Five Tinos are Luchrie Jordan, Haywood Hebron, Marvin Walker, Melvin Walker, and Melvin Jones.  Label scans reveal writing credits are ’Tinos.’

  • Teenos – Love Only One/ Alrightee, ’58 (Dub 2839 & Relic 506, ’64)

Others also link the Five Tinos to the Teenos.  Again based on sound likeness to the Five Tinos (Sun #514), the Teenos could be the same group.  Scans found for the Teenos have three different writing credits: Tinos (Dub-original?), Walker (Relic 506) and M Walker (Dub-reissue?).

Would someone from Relic who knows how writing credits changed from Tinos to Walker please comment.  Does anyone have info on the Esquires and Teenos group members??    



Esquire Trio as Mac & Jake With The Esquire Trio – Yakety Yak, ’56 (Meteor 5022)

Esquire Trio as Mac Sales with The Esquire Trio – A Girl Named Joe, ’56 (Meteor 5022)

Book listed as part of Esquires (Epic & Tennessee) groups.  The artist is actually Malcolm Yelvington & The Star Rhythm Boys who also recorded for Sun Records in Tennessee.



Lord Luther & The Esquires (California) – Tremble, ’60 (Music City 833)

(Flip listed as Tell Ya What by Lord Luther & The 5 Hearts.  (See Marv Goldberg’s history of the 4 Deuces and reference Lord Luther for more info on this release.))



as Jerry Woodard & The Nuggets –  Romeo And Juliet, ’61 (Heart 336)

Esquires (Alabama) (Jerry Woodard & The) –  Lonely Man, ’61 (Heart 336)


Esquires (Alabama) (Jerry Woodard & His) – Open The Door/ Romeo And Juliet, ’62 (Heart 341)


Esquires (Alabama) (Jerry Woodard & The) – Boat Of Love/ With A Feeling, ’63 (Argo 5435)



Essquires (Indiana) – Mission Bells/ When I Fall In Love, ’62 (Meridian 6282/83)

(Book listed as Esquires.)


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