Epics Groups

Epics (Santa Clara CA) (Linda (Roth) & The) – Memories Of Love/ Gonn’a Be Loved, ’59 (Blue Moon 415)



Epics (NY) – Let’s Dance/ Lonely, ’60 (Lifetime 1004)



The Texas listings are all Roy Doggett label connected.

Epics (Texas)

– Ho-Hum-Deedle-Dum/ Girl By The Wayside, ’61 (Lynn 510)

– The Magic Kiss/ (I’m Gonna Pay You Back With) The Very Same Coin, ’61 (Lynn 513)

– Last Night I Dreamed/ Most Of All, ’61 (Lynn 516) (Information indicates this is from the May 16/61 session.)

– The Magic Kiss/ Last Night I Dreamed, ’61 (Lynn 516 & Sabra 516)

– Wishing You Were Mine/ Grounded, ’61 (Eric 7001) (No scans found.)


Epics (Texas) (ft Jeannie) – So Many Times/ I Want To Be Your Girl, ’62 (Dante 3004)

Epics (Texas) (Jeannie & The) – Mama Dear/ Glad To Be Free, ’62 (Dante 3006) (Not in book.)



Epics (Chicago) – Rowdy Mae/ Summer’s Coming In, ’61 (Bandera 2512)



Epics (Unknown Group) – Wild One/ She’s An Eye-Opener, ’62 (Kim 101)



Epics (Mercury Grp) – The Bells Are Ringing/ (There’ll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover, ’64 (Mercury 72283)


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