Encores Groups

Encores (Chicago) – When I Look At You/ Young Girls, Young Girls, ’52 (Checker 760)

(gm: Sammy Brown, William Parker, James Ricks and Alvin Van Landingham.  This is thought to be their only recording.)



Encores (Ronnex Group)

– Ha-Chi-Bi-Ri-Bi-Ri/ Time Is Moving On, ’55 (Hollywood 1034) (No scans found.)

– Hachibiribiri/ Time Is Moving On (Ronnex 1003)

– Ha-Chi-Ri-Bi-Ri-Bi-Ri/ Time Is Moving On (Look 105)

– Ciribiribin/ Time Is Moving On (Ronnex 1485)



Encores (NY Label) – Barbara/ Thank You, ’58 (Bow 302)



Encores (NJ) (Geno & The) Loves [sic] Encore (WGW 3001)

Encores (NJ) – Fading Winds {I} (WGW 3001)


Encores (NJ) (Geno & The) – Love’s Hidden Island, 62 (WGW 3002)

Encores (NJ) (Delree & The) – Gerry Gerry, 62 (WGW 3002)


Encores (NJ) – Midnite Walk {I} (WGW 3003) (Book listed as Genotones.)

Encores (NJ) (Geno & The) – Rita My Teenage Bride (WGW 3003)


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