Enchantments Groups

Enchanters (Bushwick Brooklyn) as Enchantments

– Oh Rosemarie/ Bewildered, ’62 (JJ&M 1562) (Label scans were only found asby Enchanters.)

– Oh Rosemarie, ’72 (Clifton 3) (There is a label scan asby Enchantments.)

Enchanters (NYC) comprised of Various Artists – Juke Box Saturday Night (Mix), ’72 (Clifton 3) (Book lists by Enchantments.  Label scan is Various Artists.)



Enchantments (Pittsburg Label) (ft Leroy) – Lonely Heart/ Popeye (The Dance To Do) ’62 (Romac 1001)



Enchantments (LA-Flash) – (I Love You) Sherry, ’62 (Flash 908AA) (Flip isby Jesse Belvin (Baby Don’t Go))

Enchantments (LA-Flash) – I Love You Sherry/ Come On Home, ’62 (Gone 5130)



Enchantments (Manhattan NY) – I Love My Baby/ Pains In My Heart, ’63 (Ritz 17003) (This was their only release.)



Enchantments (LA) – I’m In Love With Your Daughter (Part I)/ I’m In Love With Your Daughter (Part II), ’64 (Faro 620)

(As/ wwwyoufoundthateastsidesoundcom.blogspot.com/2012/06/eastside-bands-thee-enchantments…., gms: are Eddie Serrano (vocals), Steve Lopez (lead guitar), Bobby Brambilia (rhythm guitar), Larry Torres (bass), Tom Lawrence (organ), Frankie Lee (drums), Ray Oliande (sax), Gil Perez (sax) & John Madrid (trumpet).



Enchantments (East Coast Group)

– Rock ‘N’ Roll Cha Cha, ’66 (Relic LP 103 A09)

– Down On My Knees, ’66 (Relic LP 103 B06)



Enchantments (NY) – I Could Never Love Another/ Good Old Acappella, ’79 (Rogue No #)

Their acappella album (Rogue R-1000) includes:

Side 1: Don’t Look Back, 16 Candles, Sunday Kind Of Love, Please Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely, Up On The Roof, I Believe.

Side 2: I Can Never Love Another, This Is My Love, He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother, Never Fall In Love Again, I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, Good Old Acappella.


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