Enchanters Groups

Enchanters (Harlem)

– Today Is Your Birthday/ How Could You (Break My Heart), ’52 (Jubilee 5072)

– I’ve Lost/ Housewife Blues, ’52 (Jubilee 5080)


The Enchanters cover ‘Today Is Your Birthday’ and are unrelated to the Sugar Tones.  


With some member changes, the Enchanters becomes the Dell Tones.


Enchanters (Detroit)

– True Love Gone/ There Goes (A Pretty Girl), ’56 (Mercer 992)

– True Love Gone (Come On Home)/ Wait A Minute Baby, ’57 (Coral 61756)

– There Goes (A Pretty Girl)/ Fan Me, Baby, ’57 (Coral 61832)

– Mambo Santa Mambo/ Bottle Up And Go, ’57 (Coral 61916)


Enchanters (Detroit) – Spellbound By The Moon/ Know It All, ’58 (Stardust 102)

  • The book listed among various other Enchanters’ groups but separately from the group who recorded on ‘Coral.’
    • Most sources now say the ‘Stardust’ sides are part of the ‘Coral’ group discography.
    • Based on copyright information, 45cat comments date1958.
      • The owner of the copyright is also listed.


Enchanters (Detroit)

– True Love Gone (Come On Home)/ The Day, ’63 (Coral 62373)

– True Love Gone (Come On Home)/ There Goes A Pretty Girl, ’63 (Coral 65610)

– One Hand, One Heart (Coral-unreleased)


Enchanters (Kew Gardens NY) (w Nick Tomini & His Hi-Fi’s) – Come My Baby, Let’s Do The Stroll/ Rock Around, ’58 (Bald Eagle 3001)


Enchanters (Unknown Origin) – You Worry Me/ So Much, ’59 (Vargo 10)

  • Book listed with 1964 date.
  • RCS discographies list date as 1959 and some group members include Joe Brklacich-vocals and David Bonham-piano.


Enchanters (Los Angeles) (ref Safaris) – Touch Of Love/ Cafe Bohemian, ’59 (Orbit 532 & Bamboo 513, ’61)

  • Gms: Marvin Rosenberg, Richard Clasky & Sandy Weisman.


Enchanters (Newark NJ) – We Make Mistakes/ The Decision, ’60 (Sharp 105)


Enchanters (NJ Pressing) – Goddess Of Love/ I Need Your Love, ’62 (Ep-Som 103)


Enchanters (Appleton, Wis) – On A Little Island/ There’s A Look About You, ’63 (Tee Pee 65)


Enchanters (Atlanta) – I Should Be Loving You/ Hide And Seek (Delta Ltd 156)



Enchanters (Bushwick Brooklyn)

– I Lied To My Heart/ Talk While You Walk, ’61 (Musitron 1072)

– Oh Rosemarie/ Bewildered, ’62 (JJ&M 1562 & Candlelite 432)


as Enchantments – Oh Rosemarie, ’72 (Clifton 3)

comprised of Various Artists – Juke Box Saturday Night (Mix), ’72 (Clifton 3)

  • Book listed asby Enchantments.


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    • It is interesting that either the 2:11 and 2:18 release could be classified as {I} or vocal. With only the beginning as ‘vocal’ spoken words and vocal sounds are often identified either way by categorizers. The Orbit labels do not distinguish as ‘instrumental’ so ‘vocal’ becomes assumed. The song is mostly instrumental. Label scans were not found for the Bamboo issue which might also spell Cafe Bohemian as Café Bohemian.

      Can you tell me the difference between the instrumental and vocal versions so it can be noted in the post. I have only heard the one version.

    • I don’t have pictures. Other than collectors, local newspapers or trade magazines from that time period might be helpful.

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