Emotions Groups & Related Associations

Emotions (NY) as The Four Dreams – You Were There (Unreleased)

Emotions (NY) as The Moments – L-O-V-E/ Teenage Baby (Pio-Unreleased)

Emotions (NY) as The Runarounds – The Nearest Thing To Heaven/ Lovers [sic] Lane, ’61 (Pio 107 & Jason Scott 13, ’81)


Emotions (NY) as Motions – Mr Night/ Make Me A Love, ’61 (Laurie 3112)

(The book does link this group with the NY Emotions while most histories do not.  The similarity in sound between these titles and the NY Emotions and their related groups, makes the book appear correct.  The question is: did The Motions record for Laurie or did Laurie buy their titles from another label and issue them.)


Emotions (NY)

– Echo/ Come Dance Baby, ’62 (Kapp 490)

– L-O-V-E/ A Million Reasons, ’63 (Kapp 513)

– Starlit Night/ Fool’s Paradise, ’63 (Laurie 3167)

– A Story Untold/ One Life, One Love, One You, ’63 (20th Century-Fox 430)

– Rainbow/ Little Miss Blue, ’63 (20th Century-Fox 452)

– Boomerang/ I Love You Madly, ’64 (20th Century-Fox 478)

– I Wonder/ Hey Baby, ’64 (Karate 506)

– She’s My Baby (I Just Can’t Let Her Go)/ Baby, I Need Your Lovin’, ’65 (Calla 122)

– Heartstrings/ Everytime, ’66 (20th Century-Fox 623)

– When You Dance (Unreleased)

– Echo ’90/ You Were There, ’90 (Crystal Ball 155)


Emotions (NY) (Joe Nigro Group) as The Original Emotions

– You’re A Better Man Than I/ Are You Real?, ’68 (Johnson 746)

– You’re A Better Man Then I/ Colour My World (South Park 10000)


reactivated as Blue Emotions – Sincerely/ The Best I Feel Is Sad, ’82

(Ambient Sound 03409) (These two cuts are also on ‘Doo-Wop All Night Long’ released in 1982.  On the 2006, ‘Kingdom Of Love/ Doo-Wop All Night Long’, The Blue Emotions album splits CD credits with Johnnie & Joe’s (Kingdom Of Love).

as The Blue Emotions – Doo-Wop All Night Long, ’82 (Ambient Sound 38346)

Side A: Doo-Wop All Night Long 2:24, I Still Remember the Echo 2:35, Oh My Elaine 2:34, Ring-a-Ling 3:03, The River 3:54, A Rose Growiing in the Snow 2:42.

Side B: Babe 3:38, Sincerely 2:16, This Is a Night for Love 2:38, The Best I Feel Is Sad 2:45, No No No 2:24, Doo-Wop All Night Long, Again 1:47.



Emotions (Hollywood CA) – Been Lookin’ Your Way, ’61 (Flip 356)

Emotions (Hollywood CA) (ft Lena Calhoun) – I Ran To You, ’61 (Flip 356)


Emotions (Hollywood CA) (Lena Calhoun & The)

– Been Lookin’ Your Way/ I Can Tell (I’m Losing Your Love), ’61 (Flip 358)

First Love Baby/ I Ran To You, ’61 (Flip 357)



Emotions (New York) – It’s Love/ Candlelight, ’58 (Fury 1010)

Emotions (New York) as The Three Emotions – The Night We Met/ The Girl I Left Behind, ’59 (Fury 1026) (B-side scan found.)



Emotions (NYC) – (By The Light Of The) Silvery Moon/ Do You Love Me, ’62 (Card 600 & Jason Scott 12, ’79)



Emotions (California) – Love Of A Girl/ Do This For Me, ’65 (Vardan 201)


renamed as Lovers (California)

– Do This For Me/ Someone, ’65 (Gate 501 & Philips 40353, ’66)

– Without A Doubt/ One Way To Love, ’67 (Frantic 2134) (Not in book.)

This Frantic label is a California label, not to be mistaken with the Kentucky Frantic label.


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