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Embraceables (Alabama) (ft Herman Bracey) – From Someone Who Loves You/ Gotta Pretty Little Baby, ’59 (Sandy 1025)

  • Both the book and (see comment by Bobby Diskin) link the Embraceables on Sandy 1025 to the Embraceables on Dover 4100.


Embraceables (Alabama)

– (There’s A) Wall Between Us/ SAM (The 8th Of May), ’62 (Dover 4100)

– Come Back/ Destiny, ’62 (Dover 4101)

  • See Bobby Diskin comment for writing credits and lead on ‘(There’s A) Wall Between Us’.
  • The lead on Dover 4101 (‘Come Back’ and ‘Destiny’) sound like the same artist.
  • While there is more group involvement on ‘SAM (The 8th Of May’, the same artist is distinct.


Embraceables (Alabama) (Lead Johnny Lee Williams) – Don’t Call For Me/ My Foolish Pride, ’62 (Cy 1004)

  • Artist discographies consistently state Johnny Lee Williams (ref Drifters) led both sides on the Embraceables release in early 1962 according to Billboard.
  • 45cat dates March 1962.

credited as Implacables – Don’t Call For Me/ My Foolish Pride, ’62 (Kain 1004)

  • Book listed as Implaceables and dated 1960.
    • As/45cat, the sides were issued in early 1962 around the same time as Cy 1004.


credited as Johnny Williams (& Group) – Don’t Call For Me/ My Foolish Pride, ’70 (Cy .001)

  • Book listed with 1961 date.
  • Other sources date as 1960 and as/per www.45cat.com/record/nc265968us it it a 1970 reissue.
  • Writing credit is spelled as HC Cain.


Both Cy 1004 and Cy .001 are the same.  See Bobby Diskin Comment.


6 thoughts on “Embraceables Group

  1. I have “My Foolish Pride” b/w “Don’t Call For Me” on both:
    Cy Records .001 by Johnny Williams and on
    Cy Records 1004 by the Embraceables
    Same exact takes on both sides, on both records. Yes, Johnny Lee Williams, toured with the Drifters and sang lead on “True Love,True Love.” He quit the Drifters, when they were in Alabama as this was his home.
    Johnny Williams co-wrote “Wall Betweens Us” by the Embraceables on Dover Records and I believe “by his Clyde McPhatter like voice” that it’s Johnny singing lead on this cut. I can’t comment on the Implacables on Kain records as I don’t have a copy yet. As for the Embraceables feat. Herman Bracey “From Someone Who Loves You” on Sandy Records 1025 and “These Things You Do To Me” by Lorenza (male) Bracy (no e) and group on Sandy Records 1038. Obviously, the Embraceables are named after the Braceys or Bracys. And I believe, on all of these releases, the Embraceables are singing the backgrounds – all are by the same singing group. Both Cy Records and Sandy Records are from Alabama. And since Cy Kain owned Kain Records and Cy Records, I think Kain Records must be from Alabama too.

    Hope this doesn’t cause, but clears up any confusion,
    Bobby Diskin – Brooklyn, NY.

    • Thanks for the info on the Embraceables releases. The post is adjusted to include the ‘Dover’ sides with the ‘Cy and Kain’ releases.

      The ‘Sandy’ releases sound like a different group of Embraceables, or possibly a style from an earlier time. Group members or variations would be helpful if they are known.

      You mention, ‘Sandy 1038’ from 1963 by Lorenza Bracy. It is without group credit and omitted by the book.

  2. Excuse me, I have the record by Lorenza Bracy “These Things You Do For Me” on Sandy 1038 and there is a real good group backing him up and it has to be the Embraceables as the group is named after Lorenza Bracy and/or Herman Bracey and sounds like them too! That the record is “not in the book” is the fault of the book – the group is spot on, though not credited on the label. But this pattern, with not naming the group, reoccurs with Johnny Williams too.

    Once you realize that Johnny Williams on Cy Records “My Foolish Pride”/”Don’t Call On Me”, without a group named, is the same exact record that was released on Cy Records as by the Embraceables – you see the pattern of how the person behind the group is releasing records. Yes, the Embraceables feat. Herman Bracey on Sandy came out with the group named and Lorenza Bracy on Sandy doesn’t have the group named, but the group is on the record – just like they did it on Cy Records with Johnny Williams the group is there, though not named. And Johnny Williams isn’t credited on “Wall Between Us” but the Embraceables are listed as the singers, but Johnny Williams co-wrote it and is singing lead! The pattern is established and I don’t believe there is any proof to counter my argument. The group “The Embraceables” were named after Herman Bracey and Lorenza Bracy and when these two guys aren’t singing lead, they are probably in the background too – which may make you think it’s a different group, but I don’t believe that for a second. If someone has proof to the contrary, I’d love to hear/see it.

    And as for the Cy label that has been said to be from the 1970s – I don’t see that at all as the records, on Cy, do no not look like 1970s releases. And if these Cy Records releases came out in the ’70s, I’m sure I would’ve heard about them back then and I didn’t. But if someone else has proof, let them step up and show it and then I’ll accept it. I did read that the Alabama Music Hall of Fame accepts the Embraceables on Cy Records #1004 as the original release of “My Foolish Pride.” I don’t know whether that’s true or not as Johnny Williams on Cy Records (same exacts tracks) as the Embraceables on Cy, came out as Cy #.0001 – who can say which release was first as the numbers don’t tell you? As I said before, I don’t have the Implacables release on Kain Records – so I’m not commenting on that. But if I obtain a copy, I will be back and write about it.

    Now, I connected the Embraceables on Dover Records to the other Embraceables releases. The Embraceables featuring Herman Bracey release and Lorenza Bracy, with no group credited – but they’re on the record, is who the Embraceables are named after ………….. once you accept that, who do you think is backing Lorenza up?

    I do have the records on all the releases I commented on and will gladly play them for anybody if needed.

    Bobby Diskin – Brooklyn, NY

    • Notwithstanding your detailed explanation, the Site’s purpose is merely to question/correct entries in the Complete Book Of Doo Wop, not stand as an authority on any post. With this in mind, scans are used to authenticate artist crediting and keep diversions from the ‘book’ simple.

      It is widely accepted that the ‘book’ erred in many instances and omitted much. The Site uses the ‘book’ as its default when other data is controversial or unknown. The Site makes no attempt to fill in gaps but welcomes valuable first-hand information from people like yourself.

      In the matter of the Embraceable, the book was correct by listing them as one group. Others have assisted by joining the Implacables ‘Kain’ to them. The questioning of Cy dates will remain a controversy as long as the pressing order is unknown.

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