Embers Groups & Related Connections

Willis Sanders is involved with the (Ember/Herald,) (Columbia,) (Jvpiter/June, Unart & Coral) groups of Embers.

  • Marv Goldberg’s Ravens’ biography mentions the various members thought to be part of the particular Embers groups on the above labels.
  • The Ravens groups Willis Sanders is involved with (Top Rank & Dot) is also mentioned.  Visit (www.uncamarvy.com/Ravens/ravens03.html) for the complete article.


Embers (NY) (w VI Hamilton Trio) – Paradise Hill/ Sound Of Love, ’53 (Ember 101 & Herald 410)


Embers (NY) (w Mister Freddy & His Band) – Sweet Lips/ There’ll Be No One Else But You, ’54 (Columbia 40287)


Embers (NY) (Willis Sanders & The)

– Your Souvenir/ Taking A Chance On You, ’57 (Jvpiter 213 & Juno 213)

– Honey-Bun/ Lovable You, ’58 (Unart 2004)

– Time Out For Tears/ Hungry For Your Love, ’59 (Coral 62146)


as Willis Sanders & The Fabulous Embers – Honey Bun/ Lovable You, ’58 (Millionaire 775)


as Ravens (There’s A) Hole In The Middle Of The Moon/ Solitude, ’59 (Top Rank 2016)

Embers (NY) (Ravens Group Members)

– Wait For Me/ Couldn’t Wait Any Longer, ’60 (Dot 16101)

– My Dearest Darling/ Please Mr Sun, ’60 (Dot 16162)


as Jeff Milner & The Embers (NY) – (There Is) No Greater Love/ Let Me Know, Let Me Know, Let Me Know, ’59 (Dale 113)

as Jeff Milner (BV The Embers (NY)) – My Vow To You/ Then (I’ll Stop Loving You), ’59 (Dale 114)

An article on The Drifters @ http://uncamarvy.com/marvart.html connects Jeff Milner (Jimmy Milner) to the Willis Saunders Embers group.


Embers (Fee Bee) (Frankie Joe & The) – Margeritte, ’57 (Fee Bee 224)

  • Scan found.  Note spelling.

by Dell-Vikings – Down By The Stream, ’57 (Fee Bee 224)

  • No scan found for #224.
  • The Dell-Vikings scan for ‘Down By The Stream’ is on Fee Bee 210 from 1959.
  • At http://www.45cat.com/record/fb224us, see Notes: where it is mentioned that #210 was previously released on #224.


Embers (Ocala Florida) (Billy Sandlin & The) – You’ll Always Have Someone/ I Kept On Walking, ’59 (Viking 1002)

  • The book lists only the above release.
  • The Billy Sandlin history and more of his discography can be seen at garagehangover.


Embers (El Paso Texas) as Jerry Bright (Guitarist-Jim Reese & The Embers-Vocal) – I’ll Always Be/ Be Mine, ’59 (Yucca 143)

  • Some group members become Bobby Fuller Four.


Embers (Houston Texas) (Joe D’Ambra & The) – Please Come Home/ Don’t Forget To Write, ’60 (Mercury 71725)

  • As/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAHvzKeM2qU, gms are: Don Angelo (Lead), Mickey Newbury (Tenor), Chuck Augustus Gengler (Bass) & James Walker (Baritone / Guitar.
    • The earlier release, ‘My Love For You’ and “I’m Sorry Dear’ is credited to Don Angelo with reported BB as the Embers.


Juveniles (ref Embers (Brooklyn)) – Beat In My Heart/ I’ve Lied, ’58 (Mode 1) 

previously Twilights (Brooklyn) – Oh Baby Love/ My Heart Belongs To Only You, ’59 (Finesse 1717)

  • Book listed with the Detroit Twilights who recorded on Harthon.
  • Some members of the Juveniles became part of the Embers (Brooklyn).

Follow the link (in comments) for the story about these groups: Juveniles, Twilights and Embers.


Embers (Brooklyn)

– Solitaire/ I’m Feeling All Right Again [sic], ’61 (Empress 101)

– I Won’t Cry Anymore/ I Was Too Careful, ’61 (Empress 104)

– Abigail/ I Was Too Careful, ’61 (Empress 107)

– What A Surprise, ’61 (Empress 108)

  • The youtube scan shows a blank b-side with no label.

I Was Too Careful, ’61 (Empress 108)

  • The book and others list ‘I Was Too Careful’ as the ‘What A Surprise’ flip.

– I Wish I Didn’t Love You So (Valmor-Unreleased)


Embers (Brooklyn-Second Group) as Four Embers – But Beautiful/ You’ve Been Away Too Long, ’63 (Smash 1846)


Embers (NY Label) (Ray Allen & The) – Ham ‘The Space Monkey’/ The Wibble, ’61 (Sinclair 1002)


Embers (Philadelphia) (Pete Bennett & The) (ref Bobby Martin) – Fever/ Soft, ’61 (Sunset 1002)


Embers (Philadelphia) (Ricky Dee & The) (ref Bobby Martin)

  • Group leader: Bobby Arnel.

– Work Out (Part 1)/ Work Out (Part 2), ’62 (Newtown 5001)

– Work Out/ Tunnel Of Love, ’62 (Newtown 5001)

  • Different pressing.

Workout, ’62 (Stateside 136)

  • Flip is ‘Tunnel Of Love’ by John Mobley.


Ricky Dee (ref Richard Davis-Willows) – Gingerbread/ Save Your Love For Me, ’60 (Palette 5068)

  • The book lists the BB as The Embers, but this Ricky Dee is Richard Davis of the Willows not Ricky Dee of the Embers.


Seminoles released asby Embers (Detroit) – You Can Lump It/ Forever, ’62 (Act IV 94146)


Embers (Raleigh NC) – In My Lonely Room/ Good, Good Lovin’, ’64 (JCP 1008)


Embers (Nashville, Tenn) (ft Bill Browder) – I Wonder Why/ Little Girl Next Door, ’65 (Ara 210)


Embers (Hartford Connecticut) (Larry Lee & The)

– Winter’s Romance, ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (1-3))

– That Little Girl Was Mine, ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (2-1))

– Tremble, ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (2-6))


Gene Pitney (BB Embers (Hartford Connecticut))

– Darkness (Recorded 1958), ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (1-2))

– Victory, ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (1-5))

– So Tired (Recorded 1960), ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (1-8))

– Runaway Lover (Recorded 1958), ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (2-3))


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