Embers Groups & Related Connections

Willis Sanders is involved with the (Ember/Herald,) (Columbia,) (Jvpiter/June, Unart & Coral) groups of Embers.  Marv Goldberg’s Ravens’ biography mentions the various members thought to be part of the particular Embers groups on the above labels.  The Ravens groups Willis Sanders is involved with (Top Rank & Dot) is also mentioned.  Visit (www.uncamarvy.com/Ravens/ravens03.html) for the complete article.


Embers (NY) (w VI Hamilton Trio) – Paradise Hill/ Sound Of Love, ’53 (Ember 101 & Herald 410)


Embers (NY) (w Mister Freddy & His Band) – Sweet Lips/ There’ll Be No One Else But You, ’54 (Columbia 40287)


Embers (NY) (Willis Sanders & The)

– Your Souvenir/ Taking A Chance On You, ’57 (Jvpiter 213 & Juno 213)

– Honey-Bun/ Lovable You, ’58 (Unart 2004)

– Time Out For Tears/ Hungry For Your Love, ’59 (Coral 62146)


Embers (NY) as Willis Sanders & The Fabulous Embers – Honey Bun/ Lovable You, ’58 (Millionaire 775)


Embers (NY) as Ravens (There’s A) Hole In The Middle Of The Moon/ Solitude, ’59 (Top Rank 2016)

Embers (NY) (Ravens Group Members)

– Wait For Me/ Couldn’t Wait Any Longer, ’60 (Dot 16101)

– My Dearest Darling/ Please Mr Sun, ’60 (Dot 16162)



Embers (Fee Bee) (Frankie Joe & The) – Margaritte, ’57 (Fee Bee 224)

by Del Vikings – Down By The Stream, ’57 (Fee Bee 224)

(No scans found.  Label discography lists A-side as Margeritte.  As/ uncamarvy.com/DelVikings/delvikings.html, Margaritte is by Frankie Joe & The Embers.  Down By The Stream is by The Del Vikings.)



Embers (Dale Group) (Jeff Milner & The) – (There Is) No Greater Love/ Let Me Know, Let Me Know, Let Me Know, ’59 (Dale 113)

Embers (Dale Group) as Jeff Milner (BV The Embers) – My Vow To You/ Then (I’ll Stop Loving You), ’59 (Dale 114)



Embers (Ocala Florida) (Billy Sandlin & The) – You’ll Always Have Someone/ I Kept On Walking, ’59 (Viking 1002)

(The book lists only the above release.  The Billy Sandlin history and more of his discography can be seen at garagehangover.)



Embers (El Paso Texas) as Jerry Bright (Guitarist-Jim Reese & The Embers-Vocal) – I’ll Always Be/ Be Mine, ’59 (Yucca 143)

(Some group members become Bobby Fuller Four.)



Embers (Houston Texas) (Joe D’Ambra & The) – Please Come Home/ Don’t Forget To Write, ’60 (Mercury 71725)

The youtube video is no longer available.  It said that the gms are: Don Angelo (Lead), Mickey Newbury (Tenor), Chuck Augustus Gengler (Bass) & James Walker (Baritone / Guitar.  The earlier release, ‘My Love For You’ and “I’m Sorry Dear’  is credited to Don Angelo with reported BB as the Embers.)



Juveniles (ref Embers (Brooklyn)) – Beat In My Heart/ I’ve Lied, ’58 (Mode 1)

previously Twilights (Brooklyn) – Oh Baby Love/ My Heart Belongs To Only You, ’59 (Finesse 1717)

(Book listed with the  Detroit Twilights who recorded on Harthon.)

(Some members of the Juveniles became part of the Embers (Brooklyn))


Embers (Brooklyn)

– Solitaire/ I’m Feeling Alright Again, ’61 (Empress 101)

– I Won’t Cry Anymore/ I Was Too Careful, ’61 (Empress 104)

– Abigail/ I Was Too Careful, ’61 (Empress 107)

– What A Surprise/ I Was Too Careful, ’61 (Empress 108) (The youtube b-side scan shows a blank with no label.  The book and others list ‘I Was Too Careful’ as the flip.)

– I Wish I Didn’t Love You So (Valmor-Unreleased)


Embers (Brooklyn-Second Group) as Four Embers – But Beautiful/ You’ve Been Away Too Long, ’63 (Smash 1846)

Follow the link (in comments) for the story about these groups: Juveniles, Twilights and Embers.



Embers (NY Label) (Ray Allen & The) – Ham ‘The Space Monkey’/ The Wibble, ’61 (Sinclair 1002)




Embers (Philadelphia) (Pete Bennett & The) (ref Bobby Martin) – Fever/ Soft, ’61 (Sunset 1002)


Embers (Philadelphia) (Ricky Dee & The) (ref Bobby Martin) (Group leader: Bobby Arnel.)

– Work Out (Part 1)/ Work Out (Part 2), ’62 (Newtown 5001)

– Work Out/ Tunnel Of Love, ’62 (Newtown 5001) (Different pressing.)

– Workout, ’62 (Stateside 136) (Flip is Tunnel Of Love by John Mobley.)


Ricky Dee (ref Richard Davis-Willows) – Gingerbread/ Save Your Love For Me, ’60 (Palette 5068)

(The book lists the BB as The Embers, but this Ricky Dee is Richard Davis of the Willows not Ricky Dee of the Embers.)


John Mobley – Tunnel Of Love, ’62 (Stateside 136) (Flip is Workout by Ricky Dee & The Embers.)

John Mobley (& Group) – Tunnel Of Love (Pt 1)/ Tunnel Of Love (Pt 2), ’62 (Town & Country 6601)



Seminoles released asby Embers (Detroit) – You Can Lump It/ Forever, ’62 (Act IV 94146)



Embers (Raleigh NC) – In My Lonely Room/ Good, Good Lovin’, ’64 (JCP 1008)



Embers (Nashville, Tenn) (ft Bill Browder) – I Wonder Why/ Little Girl Next Door, ’65 (Ara 210)



Embers (Hartford Connecticut) (Larry Lee & The)

– Winter’s Romance, ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (1-3))

– That Little Girl Was Mine, ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (2-1))

– Tremble, ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (2-6))


Gene Pitney (BB Embers (Hartford Connecticut))

– Darkness (Recorded 1958), ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (1-2))

– Victory, ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (1-5))

– So Tired (Recorded 1960), ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (1-8))

– Runaway Lover (Recorded 1958), ’90 (Relic LP 5085 (2-3))



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