El Capris Groups

El Capris (Pittsburgh)

– (Shimmy, Shimmy) Ko Ko Wop/ Oh But She Did, ’56 (Bullseye 102 & Argyle 1010, ’61)

– Your Star/ Dance All Night, ’57 (Fee Bee 216)

– Your Star/ To Live Again, ’72 (Fee Bee 216-reissue)


El Capris (Pittsburg) – Safari (Part 2), ’57 (Ring-O 308)


El Capris – Quit Pulling My Woman, ’57 (Ring-O 308) (Label scan is El Capris.)

As/Marv Goldberg group biography, this title is done by different, unknown group.)


El Capris (Pittsburg) (Second Group) – Ivy League Clean/ They’re Always Laughing At Me, ’58 (Paris 525)



El Capris (Detroit) (ft Sam Crumby) – Girl Of Mine/ These Lonely Nights, ’58 (Hi-Q 5006)


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