Electras Groups

Electras (New York) (Hank & The) – Women Train/ Get Lost Baby, ’59 (Dauphin 105-106)

Find a complete discography for Hank Davis at (rcs-discography.com/rcs/comp.php?key=3195).


The West LA Electras recorded under different names while they were the Electras.

  • See post for Valiants (West LA) for other groups related to the Electras.  


Electras (West LA)

– You Lied/ Ten Steps To Love, ’61 (Infinity 012)

– Boo Babe/ The Stomp, ’62 (Infinity 016)


Electras (West Coast) (ref Valiants) – You Know, ’62 (Cee-Jam 100-first pressing)

by the Surgeons – Don’t Tell Me, ’62 (Cee-Jam 100-first pressing)


Electras (West LA)

– You Know/ Can’t You See It In My Eyes, ’62 (Lola 100)

  • Yellow label scan with ‘You Know’ as the A-side.

– Boo Babe/ Can’t You See It In My Eyes, ’63 (Lola 100-reissue)

  • Orange Label scans with ‘Boo Babe’ as the A-side.

– Boo Babe/ Can’t You See It In My Eyes, ’63 (Challenge 59245)

– Huff And Puff/ Mary Mary, ’65 (Lola 001)

  • Not listed in book.


as The Ring A Dings – Snacky Poo/ Snacky Poo Part Two, ’62 (Infinity 014)


as The Del Mars – That’s My Desire/ You Know, ’63 (ABC-Paramount 10426)

as The DelMars – Snacky Poo-Part 1/ Snacky Poo-Part 2, ’64 (Mercury 72244)


as Citations – The Stomp/ Chicago, ’64 (Mercury 72286)


as The Freedoms – Ten Steps To Love/ You Lied, ’64 (Constellation 105)


Electras (West LA) (Billy Storm Group) – Little Girl Of Mine/ Mary Mary, ’66 (Ruby-Doo 2)