El Dorados Groups

Al Smith Combo Vocal-Hazel McCollum & The El-Dorados – Annie’s Answer, ’54 (Vee-Jay 118)

(Flip ‘Living With Vivian’ {I} by Al Smith Combo.)



El Dorados as El Darados – My Loving Baby/ Baby I Need You, ’54 (Vee-Jay 115)

El Dorados

– My Loving Baby/ Baby I Need You, ’54 (Vee-Jay 115)

– One More Chance/ Little Miss Love, ’55 (Vee-Jay 127)

– At My Front Door/ What’s Buggin’ You, Baby, ’55 (Vee-Jay 147)

– I’ll Be Forever Loving You/ I Began To Realize, ’55 (Vee-Jay 165)

– Rock N Roll’s For Me/ Now That You’ve Gone, ’56 (Vee-Jay 180)

– A Fallen Tear/ Chop Ling Soon, ’56 (Vee-Jay 197)

– Bim Bam Boom/ There In The Night, ’56 (Vee-Jay 211)

– Tears On My Pillow/ A Rose For My Darling, ’57 (Vee-Jay 250)

– It’s No Wonder/ A Fallen Tear (Recorded 1956) (Oldies 45 171) (Book dated N/A.)

– Love Of My Own (Recorded 1956), ’84 (Solid Smoke LP 8025 (1-5))



El Dorados (Without Pirkle Lee Moses) as Those Four Eldorados – Go! Little Susie/ A Lonely Boy, ’58 (Academy 8138)


El Dorados (Without Pirkle Lee Moses) as Tempos (Chicago)

– Promise Me/ Never Let Me Go, ’58 (Rhythm 121)

– To Love Again/ Patricia (Recorded 1958), ’84 (Rhythm-unreleased & Rhythm-bootleg 129)

(Note: Patricia has been mistakenly attributed to The Lyrics.)



Kool Gents as El Dorados

– Trouble Trouble, ’57 (Vee Jay-Unreleased & Charly LP 1022 (B2))

– She Don’t Run Around, ’57 (Vee Jay-Unreleased & Charly LP 1022 (B8))

– 3 Reasons Why/ Boom Diddie Boom, ’58 (Vee Jay 263)

(Scan for Boom Diddie Boom is often listed as Boom Diddle Boom.)

– Lights Are Low/ Oh What A Girl, ’58 (Vee Jay 302)

(New Group-Lead Pirkle Lee Moses of the original El Dorados.  Dee Clark was no longer with the Kool Gents.)



El Dorados (Are Back) (Pirkle Lee Moses Group) – In Over My Head/ You Make My Heart Sing, ’70 (Torrid 100)


El Dorados (Pirkle Lee Moses Group) as Fabulous Eldorados – Ease The Pain, ’87 (Delano 1099)

El Dorados (Pirkle Lee Moses Group) as Fabulous Eldorados (ft Perkle Lee Moses) – Remember Sherrie, ’87 (Delano 1099)



El Dorados (John Carter Group)

– Loose Bootie/ Loose Bootie {I}, ’72 (Paula 369)

– Since You Came Into My Life/ Looking In From The Outside, ’71 (Paula 347)


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