– Lama Rama Ding Dong/ Bells, ’58 (Dub 2843-First pressing) (Arkansas address on label.)

– Rink-A-Din-Ki-Do/ Do You Love Me, ’59 (Roulette 4151)

– Don’t Know What To Do/ What Brought Us Together, ’60 (Tammy 1010) (Distributed by Ember Records)

– Three Precious Words/ Let’s Go, ’61 (Ember 1078 & Tammy 1014)



– Rama Lama Ding Dong/ Bells, ’61 (Twin 700, Winley 700 & Musictone 1144, ’64)

(Twin version is original Dub 2843 (Arkansas address.)  No info for Winley 700.  Musictone version is Twin version.)


– Rama Lama Ding Dong/ Bells, ’61 (Dub International 2843-bootleg)

(California address on label.  See (forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/which-is-the-hit-version-of-the-e…) for some helpful info regarding the releases and dating discrepancies.)



– My Jealous One/ Bone Shaker Joe, ’62 (Capitol 4588)

– Shake Shake Sherry/ If Your Pillow Could Talk, ’62 (Capitol 4675)

– Shaddy Daddy Dip Dip/ Don’t You Feel, ’62 (Capitol 4836)

– Could It Be/ My Whispering Heart, ’62 (Dot 16311)


– Got To Find Out About Love/ The Girl I Love, ’65 (Tammy 1023)

– Count The Tears/ Twenty Four Hours, ’65 (Tammy 1027)

– Hide And Seek/ Another Lonely Night, ’68 (Tammy 1031)

Book dated these three Tammy releases as 1961.  Label discographies and most sources date as posted.


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