Ecuadors & Equadors

Ecuadors & Equadors: offers plenty of input into these groups and there is a particularly fun read on ‘Someone To Call My Own.’


The following are the accurate spellings for the Ecuadors and Equadors listed in the book.



Ecuadors (ref Chuck Berry) – Say You’ll Be Mine/ Let Me Sleep Woman, ’59 (Argo 5353)



Equadors (Philly Group)

– I’ll Be The One, ’58 (RCA EP 4286-1-2)

– Stay A Little Longer, ’58 (RCA EP 4286-2-2)

– Sputnik Dance, ’58 (RCA EP 4286-1-1)

– A Vision, ’58 (RCA EP 4286-2-1)


Equadors as Modern Ink Spots – Spotlight Dance/ Together (In Your Arms), ’62 (Rust 5052)


Equadors became Modern Ink Spots as Cardinals (Philly Group) – Why Don’t You Write Me/ Sh-Boom, ’63 (Rose 835)



Equadors (Motown) – You’re My Desire/ Someone To Call My Own, ’61 (Miracle 7)


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