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Echoes Groups


Echoes (Miami FL)

– All That Wine Is Gone/ Please Say You’re Mine, ’53 (Rockin’ 523)

– Please Come Back, ’53 (Rockin’-unreleased)

  • No scans found.  Both book and label discographies spell as Echoes.


as Echos – Please Come Back/ All That Wine Is Gone, ’60 (DeLuxe 6001)

  • Scans found.
  • Info is that recording is 1955 and DeLuxe release is early 70s.
    • DeLuxe #6001 is used several times for different artists.


The original group of Echoes (California), Miles Grayson, Ed DeVold, Elmo Jones and Mosby Carter, recorded as the Poets and performed alternately as the Poets/ Echoes.

The recording Echoes (California) lineup consisted of: Miles Grayson, Ed DeVold, Elmo Jones, Marzetta Freeman & Darlene (Franklin)-Love/Wright.


A later group of Poets (all male) were from the remnants of the second lineup of Echoes (California) who recorded for Shade and Spot/Imperial.

  • Gms are not known.  


Echoes (California) (Lead Marzetta Freeman) – My Little Honey/ Aye Senorita, ’56 (Combo 128) 


Echoes (California) (Lead Marzetta Freeman) – Over The Rainbow/ Someone, ’57 (Specialty 601)


as Sonny Roberts & The Echoes – Honey Chile/ I’ll Never Let You Go, ’58 (Impala 1001)

Note: The all-male Poets did a remake of Honey Chile with the flip ‘I’m in Love’ (which is the same as ‘Someone’ with a male lead.


Echoes (California) (Lead Marzetta Freeman) – Have A Heart, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 (2-2))

Echoes (California) (Lead Marzetta Freeman) – Take My Hand, ’88 (Relic LP 5076 (2-2))

Note: Both Relic LP releases were recorded in the Combo session in 1956 but unreleased.


Echoes (Connecticut) (ref Vinny Catalano) – Ding Dong/ My Heart Beats For You, ’57 (Gee 1028)


Benny Barnes (w The Echoes (Beaumont TX)) – Lonely Street/ Moon Over My Shoulder, ’58 (Mercury 71284)


Echoes (Savoy Group) (Frankie & The) – Come Back Baby/ Until We Meet Again, ’58 (Savoy 1544)


Echoes (Philadelphia) – Scratch My Back/ The Little Green Man, ’58 (Swan 4013)


as The Echoes (San Fernando CA) – Time/ Dee-Dee-Di-Oh, ’59 (Andex 22102)


Innocents – Time/ Dee-Dee-Di-Oh, ’62 (Indigo 141)


Echoes (Milwaukee-Illinois Label) – He Won’t Tell/ Sleep Beauty Sleep, ’59 (USA 1215)


Note: Male group.  They are possibly backed by the Nobelmen [sic].  See my post for USA releases associated to the Nobelmen.


Echoes (New Orleans) (Jerry Starr & The) – Teenage Tangle {I}/ Do Be True, ’59 (Ron 321)


Bonnie Guitar & Don Robertson as The Echoes (Seattle) – Born To Be With You/ My Guiding Light, ’60 (Dolton 18)


Echoes (Edco Group) – Without You/ Heartbeat, ’60 (Edco 100)

  • A youtube source dates as 1958.
  • There is also a scan for ‘Heartbeat’ on Edco 510.


Echoes (Tennessee) (BV Anita Kerr Singers-uncredited) – Bye-Bye-My Baby/ Do I Love You? (‘Deed I Do), ’60 (Columbia 41549)

  • Eddie Sulik as lead singer and rhythm guitarist.


Echoes (Ed & George) (BV Anita Kerr Singers-uncredited) – Loving And Losing/ Ecstasy, ’60 (Columbia 41709)

  • Eddie Sulik & George Kiriakis.


Echoes (Brooklyn) (First Group)

– Baby Blue/ Boomerang, ’61 (SRG 101 & Seg-Way 103)

– Sad Eyes/ It’s Rainin’, ’61 (Seg-Way 106)

– Angel Of My Heart/ Gee Oh Gee, ’61 (Seg-Way 1002)


Echoes (Brooklyn) (Second Group)

– Bluebirds Over The Mountain/ A Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But A Bird, ’62 (Smash 1766)

– Keep An Eye On Her/ A Million Miles From Nowhere, ’63 (Smash 1807)

– Annabelle Lee/ If Love Is, ’63 (Smash 1850)


Echoes (Brooklyn) (Third Group)

– I Love Candy (I Love Her Candy Kisses)/ Paper Roses, ’65 (Ascot 2188)

– I Love Candy, ’82 (Jason Scott 20)

  • Flip is ‘Cinderella’ credited as Gary Kay & The Passions.


as Red Hook Echoes – Land Of Rock N’ Roll (2:33)/ One Night Too Late (3:35), ’82 (Crystal Ball 150 B-side)

  • Book listed group as Echos.
  • The A-side flip ‘Waiting For The Ultimate Tan/ Asexual’ were not listed in the book.
  • As/ the EP (titled ‘Waiting For The Ultimate Tan’) back cover gms:  Harry Boyle, Colin McRory, Terry Kawles, Hurricane Carla.


Echoes (Vidalia GA) (Billy & The) – Bodacious Twist/ Come Softly {I}, ’62 (Gala 121)

  • Billy Adkinson.


Echoes (Ohio) (Lee Roberts With The) – School Days/Echoe II {I}, ’64 (Spotlight 101-Ohio)


Alan Roberts – Walkin’ With Love/Janice, ’60 (Spotlight 101-New York)


Note: The Ohio Spotlight #101 label has a 1964 date with the Echoes credited on the label.

The New York Spotlight label #101 lists Alan Roberts as the artist without any group affiliation.  Artist spelling is ‘Alan.’


Both #101 artists are ‘Roberts.’ but there is no relationship between the two artists.


as Tommy Vann – Too Young/ Give A Little Bit, ’66 (Academy 118)

as Tommy Vann & The Echoes (NY-Baltimore) – Too Young/ Give A Little Bit, ’66 (Academy 118)

  • Scans found for all releases.


Echoes (NY-Baltimore) (Tommy Vann & The)

– Pretty Flamingo/ I’ll Forget Her Tomorrow, ’66 (Academy 120

– Is This Love (Catching Up To Me)/ What Can You Do With A Broken Heart, ’66 (Academy 123)

– I’m Hoping You’ll Be Mine/ Baby That’s No Lie, ’66 (Hollywood 101)


Five Echoes as Echoes-Chicago – Soldier Boy/ Down The Road I Go, ’82 (4 Hits EP 11)


Various Spellings

Echos (Mitch & The) – One Chance/ I Could Cry, ’63 (Bethlehem 3077)

  • Book listed with NY-Baltimore Echoes.


Echo’s (Latrobe PA) – Angel Of Love/ Twistin’ Town, ’61 (Hi-Tide 106)

as Echos – Twistin’ Town/ Angel Of Love, ’61 (Felsted 8614)


Ekhoes (Con Pierson & The) – I Heard Those Bells/ Six Pretty Girls, ’64 (LeMans 007)

  • All scans found are as ‘Ekhoes.’


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    • Hi Tom,

      The Zebra (Brooklyn NY) releases are from 1956-58. Label discography @ . No Echoes group is mentioned.

      The title you mention ‘Down The Road’ is similar to ‘Down The Road I Go’ by the Five Echoes/ Echoes (various spellings). However, the Five Echoes are a Chicago group and did not record for the Zebra record label.

      Searches for ‘Down The Road …, Echoes (Zebra EP ?)’ did not yield additional info.

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