Ebb Tides, Ebb-Tides & Ebbtides Groups

Ebb Tides as Ebb-Tides – Franny Franny/ Darling I’ll Love Only You, ’57 (Acme 720)


Ebb Tides as Nino & The Ebb-Tides

– Puppy Love/ You Make Me Wanna’ Rock And Roll, ’58 (Recorte 405)

– Purple Shadows/ The Real Meaning Of Christmas, ’58 (Recorte 408)

(No scans found.  Book lists as ‘Purple Shadows.’  Listings found include Two Purple Shadows and Two Purple Shadows In [sic] The Snow.  Lyrics are Two Purple Shadows On The Snow.)

– I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You)/ Tell The World I Do, ’59 (Recorte 409)

– Don’t Look Around/ I Love Girls, ’59 (Recorte 413)


Danny Winchell (BB Nino & The Ebbtides-uncredited)

– Beware, You’re Falling In Love/ Jeannie, ’59 (Recorte 406)

– We’re Gonna Have A Rockin’ Party/ Don’t Say You’re Sorry, ’59 (Recorte 410)

– Come Back My Baby/ I’ve Choosen You [sic], ’59 (Recorte 415)


Nino & The Ebb Tides-Uncredited backing Miss Frankie Nolan – A Week From Sunday/ Say No More, ’61 (Madison 151) (Book listed Madison 151 asby Nino & The Ebb Tides (Tonight/Nursery Rhymes) and Mr Peeke 123 as the Miss Nolan sides.)


Ebb Tides (Nino & The)

– Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You)/ Don’t Run Away, ’61 (Madison 162)

– Little Miss Blue/ Someday, ’61 (Marco 105)

– Juke Box Saturday Night (ft Book Of Love & Get A Job)/ (Someday) I’ll Fall In Love, ’61 (Madison 166)

– Happy Guy/ Wished I Was Home, ’61 (Mr Peacock 102)

– Stamps, Baby, Stamps/ Lovin’ Time, ’62 (Mr Peacock 117)

– Tonight (I’ll Be Lonely)/ Nursery Rhymes, ’63 (Mr Peeke 123) (Book listed as Madison #151.)

– Linda Lou Garret (Likes 24 Karat)/ Automatic Reaction, ’64 (Mala 480)


Nino & The Ebbtides-Uncredited backing Hiawatha Brown – My Imagination/ Hiawatha Doo Ya, ’62 (Mr Peacock Records 105) (A-side scan found.  See comment.)


Ebb Tides (Nino & The-Unconfirmed)

– Low Tide/ A Ballad Of Jed Clampett, ’62 (R&R 303)

– Mr Moto/ Surfin’, ’69 (R&R)



Ebb Tides (Maryland) – Come On And Cry/ Straightaway, ’66 (Monumental 520)

(Book misspelled label as Monument and group as Ebbtides.)



Ebbtides (California) (David Ford & The)

– My Confession, ’56 (Specialty 588)

(Marv Goldberg’s history of The Hollywood Flames indicates this is a rerecording of the unreleased Cash master led by Bobby Byrd.)

– The Sound Of Your Voice, ’56 (Specialty 588) (Lead is David Ford.)



Ebbtides (Carl White Group) – Lonesome/ Love Doctor, ’59 (Jan Lar 101 & Firefly 329, ’74)



Ebbtides (w Butch Ballard Orch) – What Is Your Name Dear/ Only Be Mine, ’59 (Teen 121) (Book listed as Ebb Tides.)



Ebbtides (De Mello Label-Hamilton, Bermuda) – Star Of Love/ First Love, ’64 (Duane 1022)


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