Earls (DC)

Earls (DC) – Believe Me, My Love/ Spinnin’, ’54 (Gem 221 & Crystal 100-reissue)


Earls (DC) (w Frank Motley & His Crew) – My Marie, ’75 (Gem 227) (This is thought to be recorded in 1954 but unreleased.)

Earls (DC) (without Musical Accompaniment (Just ‘Dicey’ on Guitar)) – Out Of This World, ’75 (Gem 227)


Earls (DC) as Frank (Dual Trumpet) Motley & His Crew (Vocal-Paul Crawford) – Let Me Back In There Again, ’56 (D-C 0400) (Flip is said to be Diggin’ In The Ground.)


Earls (DC) (Paul Crawford & The) (w Frank Motley & His Crew) – Love Tears, ’74 (Roadhouse 1009) (Scan found.)

(Scan also found for flip ‘Don’t Leave My Broken Heart’ by Parakeets (DC) (w Frank Motley Orch).


Earls (DC) (Earls (DC) (w Rhythm Accompaniment) – I’m All Alone/ Good Lovin’ Momma, ’74 (Roadhouse 1021)


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