Dynamics Groups

Lanes – Open Up Your Heart (And Let Me In)/ You Alone, ’56 (Gee 1023)

Lanes as Dynamics-Brooklyn – A Hundred Million Lies/ Ka Joom, ’57 (Warner 1016)


Dynamics (Pittsburgh) (First Group)

– Saints Come Marching In/ Gone Is My Love, ’57 (Cindy 3005)

– Someone/ Moonlight, ’58 (Impala 501 & Seeco 6008, ’59)

As/ 45cat gms: George Winesburgh (Lead), Jimmy Shoup (1st Tenor), Earl Viney (2nd Tenor), Dick Johns (Baritone) and Donnie Fuchs (Bass).


Dynamics (Pittsburgh) (Second Group)

– Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, ’60 (LaVere 186)

– Christmas Plea/ Dream Girl, ’62 (Dynamic Sound 578-579)

– Dream Girl, ’62 (Dynamic No #)


**Dynamics (Unconfirmed Group) (w Hutch Davie Orch) – Nobody’s Going Out With Me/ The Girl I Met Last Night, ’62 (Dynamic Sound 504)

  • Writing credits: Hank Hunter-Mark Barkan/ Mark Harris-Steve Coburn.
  • Book dated 1959 and all others say 1962.

Note: Energy and vocals sound remarkably like the Pittsburgh group.

  • Confirmation is needed.


Dynamics (Pittsburgh) error – If She Should Call/ Dream Girl, ’61 (Dynamic 1008)

  • The Vol-Tones are credited on Dynamic #108 (If She Should Call b/w Don’t Monkey With A Donkey.)
  • Unconfirmed if #1008 is printing error.


Dynamics (Compton CA) – Don’t Leave Me/ Wasted, ’59 (Dynamic 1001)

  • See link for scans.  See link for a-side play on youtube.
  • On an earlier search, the seller had listed B-side as ‘Darling.’  No scan was found for this title.


Dynamics (Compton CA) – No One But You/ Always, I Have Loved You, ’59 (Capri 104)

  • Writing Credits: Walter Alexander on both sides.


Dynamics (Compton CA) – That’s Bad/ This Love Of Ours, ’63 (Em Jay 1928)

  • Writing Credits: Lafayette & Walt and Walt & Lafayette respectively.


by The Bandits – Nothing Can Change My Love For You, ’63 (Em Jay 1935)

  • Scan found. 

Dynamics (Compton CA) – This Love Of Ours, ’63 (Em Jay 1935)


as Dynamo’s – No One But You/ Darling, ’64 (Azuza 1002)

  • Writing credits are as The Dynamo’s on both sides.


Dynamics (Hollywood) (Johnny Christmas & The) – Soft Lips/ Dum Dum (The Lollipop Song), ’59 (PDQ 5002)


Dynamics (Seattle) – Aces Up/ Baby, ’59 (Guaranteed 201)


Dynamics (Maywood California) (Murl & Larry & The) – Blue Moon/ Pidgeon-Toed [sic], ’59 (Delta 1002) {I}


as Skip Milo (Accmp Bel-Aires, Dynamics) – Jo Baby/ What’s Wrong With Me, ’59 (Arc 4453)


Dynamics (New Jersey)

– Enchanted Love/ Happines [sic] And Love, ’59 (Arc 4450)

  • B-side misspelling on promo and official label. 

– Seems Like Only Yesterday/ How Should I Feel, ’60 (Decca 31046 & Decca 31450, ’62)

– At The End Of Each Day/ The Girl By The Gate, ’60 (Decca 31129)


As/Whitedoowopcollector, gms: Albert Price, Walter Price, Walter Popdora, Chester Popdora, Bill Jennings and Paul Nocilla.


Dynamics (NJ-NY) (Ray Murray & The) – Baby What You Want Me To Do/ With All My Love, ’60 (Arbo 222)


as Ray Murray – Warm/ I Never Knew, ’63 (Fleetwood 7005)


Dynamics (South Philly) (ft Tony Maresco) (ref Anthony & The Sophomores) – Forever Love/ Betty My Own, ’61 (Herald 569)


Dynamic’s (Ohio Label) – Blind Date/ If I Give My Heart To You, ’62 (Liban 1006)


Sweet Sick-Teens (ft The Actions) – Agnes, The Teenage Russian Spy, ’61 (RCA 7940)

Sweet Sick-Teens (Solo by Mike Russo) – The Pretzel, ’61 (RCA 7940)


as Dellwoods – Don’t Put Onions On Your Hamburger/ Her Moustache, ’63 (Bigtop 3137)

  • From the Album ‘Fink Along With Mad’.  (Jeanne Hayes, Mike Russo, The Dellwoods.)


as Dynamics-NY – Chapel On A Hill/ Conquistador, ’63 (Liberty 55628)


Dynamics (Douglas Label) (Vocal-Louis Hendrix) – I Love To Be Loved/ You Don’t Seem To Realize, ’63 (Douglas 200)


Dynamics (Dot) (Susan & The) – Letter To An Angel/ Happy Birthday To Julie, ’63 (Dot 16476)

  • A-side scan found.


Dynamics (Brooklyn NY) – I Guess You Don’t Love Me (No More)/ Oh Night Of Nights, ’63 (Do-Kay-Lo 101)


Dynamics (Bethlehem) (Mickey Farrell & The) – Baby Mine/ I’m Calling On You, ’63 (Bethlehem 3080)


Nathaniel Mayer & The Dynamics (w The Crescendals) – A Place I Know/ Don’t Come Back, ’63 (Fortune 562 F322)

  • The book listed all Nathaniel Mayer releases under Fabulous Twilights.  See post for Nathaniel Mayer.


Dynamics (Detroit-Bigtop Group)

– Misery/ I’m The Man, ’63 (Bigtop 3161)

– I Wanna Know/ And That’s A Natural Fact, ’64 (Bigtop 516)


Dynamics (Detroit-Bigtop Group) & The Royal Playboys – So Fine/ Delsinia, ’63 (Dynamic 1002 & Reprise 20183)


There’s are good stories on

 https://funky16corners.blogspot.com/2005/11/dynamics-misery.html with comments by various Royal Playboys group members.


Dynamics (Detroit)

– Soul Sloopy/ Yes, I Love You Baby, ’66 (Top Ten 100)

– Whenever I’m Without You/ Love To A Guy, ’66 (Top Ten 927)


Dynamics (No Information) – Take The Freeway (Corsican 651)


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  1. Regarding so g title if she should call/dream girl
    The Dynamics on Dynamic 1008
    Where can I purchase this
    Folks say it isn’t real

    • ‘If She Should Call/Dream Girl’ are listed in the Complete Book of Doowop and the Goldmine Price Guide to 45 PRM Records. I haven’t heard the ‘A’ side and scans weren’t found for either side.

      Since I only found Dream Girl on a comp I can’t verify Dynamic 1008 exists. Any info you or your sources can offer would be appreciated.

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