Dynamics Groups

Lanes – Open Up Your Heart (And Let Me In)/ You Alone, ’56 (Gee 1023)

Lanes as Dynamics-Brooklyn – A Hundred Million Lies/ Ka Joom, ’57 (Warner 1016)



Dynamics (Pittsburgh) (First Group)

– Saints Come Marching In/ Gone Is My Love, ’57 (Cindy 3005)

– Someone/ Moonlight, ’58 (Impala 501 & Seeco 6008, ’59)


Dynamics (Pittsburgh) (Second Group)

– Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, ’60 (LaVere 186)

– Christmas Plea/ Dream Girl, ’62 (Dynamic Sound 578-579)

– Dream Girl, ’62 (Dynamic No #)


Dynamics (Pittsburgh) (Second Group) (w Hutch Davie Orch) (Unconfirmed) – The Girl I Met Last Night/ Nobody’s Going Out With Me, ’62 (Dynamic Sound 504)

(Energy and vocals sound remarkably like the Pittsburgh group.  Confirmation is needed.  Book dated 1959 and all others say 1962.)


Dynamics (Pittsburgh) error – If She Should Call/ Dream Girl, ’61 (Dynamic 1008)

(Vol-Tones on #108 If She Should Call b/w Don’t Monkey With A Donkey.  Unconfirmed if #1008 is printing error.  Since the comment below, I have since found a label scan for Dream Girl by the Dynamics on a Dynamic label with no #.)



Dynamics (Compton CA) – Don’t Leave Me/ Wasted, ’59 (Dynamic 1001)

(See link for scans.  See link for a-side play on youtube.  On an earlier search, the seller listed B-side as ‘Darling.’  No scan was found for this title.)


Dynamics (Compton CA) – No One But You/ Always, I Have Loved You, ’59 (Capri 104)

Writing Credits: Walter Alexander on both sides.


Dynamics (Compton CA) – That’s Bad/ This Love Of Ours, ’63 (Em Jay 1928)

Writing Credits: Lafayette & Walt and Walt & Lafayette respectively.)


Dynamics (Compton CA) – This Love Of Ours, ’63 (Em Jay 1935) (No scan found)

by The Bandits – Nothing Can Change My Love For You, ’63 (Em Jay 1935) (Scan found.)


Dynamics (Compton CA) as Dynamo’s – No One But You/ Darling, ’64 (Azuza 1002)

Writing credits are as The Dynamo’s on both sides.



Dynamics (Hollywood) (Johnny Christmas & The) – Soft Lips/ Dum Dum (The Lollipop Song), ’59 (PDQ 5002)



Dynamics (Seattle) – Aces Up/ Baby, ’59 (Guaranteed 201)



Dynamics (Maywood California) (Murl & Larry & The) – Blue Moon/ Pidgeon-Toed [sic], ’59 (Delta 1002) {I}



Dynamics (New Jersey) as Skip Milo (Accmp Bel-Aires, Dynamics) – Jo Baby/ What’s Wrong With Me, ’59 (Arc 4453)

Dynamics (New Jersey)

– Enchanted Love/ Happines [sic] And Love, ’59 (Arc 4450) (B-side misspelling on promo and official label.)

– Seems Like Only Yesterday/ How Should I Feel, ’60 (Decca 31046 & Decca 31450, ’62)

– At The End Of Each Day/ The Girl By The Gate, ’60 (Decca 31129)

As/Whitedoowopcollector, gms: Albert Price, Walter Price, Walter Popdora, Chester Popdora, Bill Jennings and Paul Nocilla.



Dynamics (NJ-NY) (Ray Murray & The) – Baby What You Want Me To Do/ With All My Love, ’60 (Arbo 222)


Dynamics (NJ-NY) as Ray Murray – Warm/ I Never Knew, ’63 (Fleetwood 7005)



Dynamics (South Philly) (ft Tony Maresco) (ref Anthony & The Sophomores) – Forever Love/ Betty My Own, ’61 (Herald 569)



Dynamic’s (Ohio Label) – If I Give My Heart To You/ Blind Date, ’62 (Liban 1006)



Sweet Sick-Teens (ft The Actions) – Agnes, The Teenage Russian Spy, ’61 (RCA 7940)

Sweet Sick-Teens (Solo by Mike Russo) – The Pretzel, ’61 (RCA 7940)


Sweet Sick-Teens as Dellwoods – Don’t Put Onions On Your Hamburger/ Her Moustache, ’63 (Bigtop 3137)

(From the Album ‘Fink Along With Mad’).  (Jeanne Hayes, Mike Russo, The Dellwoods.)


Sweet Sick-Teens as Dynamics-NY – Chapel On A Hill/ Conquistador, ’63 (Liberty 55628)



Dynamics (Douglas) (Vocal-Louis Hendrix) – I Love To Be Loved/ You Don’t Seem To Realize, ’63 (Douglas 200)



Dynamics (Dot) (Susan & The) – Letter To An Angel/ Happy Birthday To Julie, ’63 (Dot 16476) (A-side scan found.)



Dynamics (Brooklyn NY) – I Guess You Don’t Love Me (No More)/ Oh Night Of Nights, ’63 (Do-Kay-Lo 101)



Dynamics (Bethlehem) (Mickey Farrell & The) – Baby Mine/ I’m Calling On You, ’63 (Bethlehem 3080)



Nathaniel Mayer & The Dynamics (w The Crescendals) – A Place I Know/ Don’t Come Back, ’63 (Fortune 562 F322)

(The book listed all Nathaniel Mayer releases under Fabulous Twilights.  See post for Nathaniel Mayer.)



Dynamics (Detroit-Bigtop Group)

– Misery/ I’m The Man, ’63 (Bigtop 3161)

– I Wanna Know/ And That’s A Natural Fact, ’64 (Bigtop 516)


Dynamics (Detroit-Bigtop Group) & The Royal Playboys – So Fine/ Delsinia, ’63 (Dynamic 1002 & Reprise 20183)

There’s a good stories on

https://funky16corners.blogspot.com/2005/11/dynamics-misery.html with comments by various Royal Playboys group members.



Dynamics (Detroit)

– Soul Sloopy/ Yes, I Love You Baby, ’66 (Top Ten 100)

– Whenever I’m Without You/ Love To A Guy, ’66 (Top Ten 927)



Dynamics (No Information) – Take The Freeway (Corsican 651)



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  1. Regarding so g title if she should call/dream girl
    The Dynamics on Dynamic 1008
    Where can I purchase this
    Folks say it isn’t real

    • ‘If She Should Call/Dream Girl’ are listed in the Complete Book of Doowop and the Goldmine Price Guide to 45 PRM Records. I haven’t heard the ‘A’ side and scans weren’t found for either side.

      Since I only found Dream Girl on a comp I can’t verify Dynamic 1008 exists. Any info you or your sources can offer would be appreciated.

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