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Duvals (New York) (Ike Mason Group) – Guide Me/ Happiness, ’56 (Gee 1003)


This group was a Lover Patterson group, but not the Five Crowns’ Duvals group on Rainbow.

  • As/uncamarvy.com/5Crowns/5crowns.html, “Gee 1003 was supposed to have been “Guide Me”/”Happiness,” but as far as can be determined, the record was never released to the general public. The last names of three of the Duvals aren’t known, but they were Ike Mason, Charlie, James, and Arnold.” 


as Drapers (New York) – Best Love/ Baby, One More Time, ’60 (Vest 831)


Duvals (NY) (ref Dock Green/Five Crowns) – You Came To Me/ Oow-Wee Baby, ’56 (Rainbow 335)

  • Originally released on Riviera 990 as the Five Crowns.


as Jay Saunders (& Group) – I’m Still In Love With You/ Heaven Have Mercy, ’56 (Club 1012 & Relic 5022 A02 & A3)

  • Scans do not credit the Duvals.
  • Info at (45cat.com) names the BB as Cherokee Conyers Orchestra.


as Phil Johnson & The Duvals (Cherokeee Conyers’ Band-uncredited) – Yes I Do (I Want You)/ Wanna Be Free, ’56 (Club 5013)

  • No scan for B-side.
  • ‘I Wanna Be Free’ appears on Relic LP 5022 as A5 credited to the Duvals.
  • ‘Yes I Do’ is credited, in error on the back cover and disc scan, to The Relations on Relic LP 5022 (B4).
    • The Album liner notes credit ‘Yes I Do’ to Phil Johnson & the Duvals. 
  • ‘Yes I Do’ appears on Relic CD 7115 #13 credited to the Duvals.


as Phil Johnson & The Duvals (Cherokee and Band) – Yes I Do/ Wanna Be Free, ’61 (La Salle 502)

  • Scans found.


as Phil Johnson (w The Duvals)/ Floyd Williams & Orch) – Kisses Left Unkissed (Adapted from Beethoven), ’58 (Kelit 7032A)

  • B-side flip is ‘Three Speed Girl’ by the Royal Notes (w Floyd Williams & Orch.)


as Phil Johnson & The Duvals (w Floyd Williams & Orch) – I Lie To My Heart, ’58 (Kelit 7033B)

  • A-side scan is ‘You Are My Love’ by the Royal Notes (w Floyd Williams & Orch.)


as Featuring Floyd Williams & Orch – Money In The Bank, ’58 (Kelit 7033A-M#7034A)

  • There is no group name on scan.

as Phil Johnson & The Duvals – I Lie To My Heart, ’58 (Kelit 7033B-M#7034B) 


as Phil Johnson & The Duvals (w Skippy Williams & Orch) – Wee Small Hours, ’58 (Kelit 7034B)

  • Flip is ‘You Are My Love’ by the Royal Notes (Kelit 7034 (M#7033A.))


Duvals (Chicago) – Cotton/ What Am I, ’63 (Boss 2117)


Duvals (Chicago) (And Victors) – What Am I/ Cotton, ’63 (Red Rocket 471)


Duvals (LA) – The Last Surf/ Ferny Roast, ’63 (Prelude 110) {I}

  • Book listed as ‘The Last Supper.’


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