Dukes Groups

Dukes (Ohio-Pasadena)

– I’ll Find Her/ So Long Love, ’54 (Specialty-unreleased)

– Ooh Bop She Bop/ Oh Kay, ’54 (Specialty 543)

I ‘ll Found A Love [sic]/ Come On And Rock, ’55 (Specialty-unreleased & Imperial X5344-Bootleg)

  • The A-side is the same song as ‘So Long Love.’

Someday Somewhere/ Tell Me Why, ’56 (Specialty-unreleased & Imperial X5385-Bootleg)

  • The A-side is the same song as ‘I’ll Find Here.’

My Love Is Beautiful/ I Was A Fool, ’56 (Specialty-unreleased & Imperial X5399-Bootleg)

  • The A-side is the same song as ‘Oh Kay.’

Imperial labels are bootlegs.  Genuine Imperial #s are for other artists.


as Lloyd Price & The Dukes – Oo-Ee Baby/ Chee-Koo Baby, ’54 (Specialty 535)

  • The Dukes overdubbed the old Lloyd Price master giving it a group background.


Dukes (Philadelphia) (Billy Duke & His)

– I Cried/ Love Ya, Love Ya, Love Ya, ’54 (Coral 61203)

  • The book lists ‘The High And The Mighty’ as the A-side.  This title is on Coral #61204 by Johnny Desmond.

– Flip, Flop And Fly/ Fun Lovin’ Woman, ’55 (Casino 138)

  • The book lists B-side as ‘Fun Lovin’ Mama.’

– This Is What I Ask/ By Now, ’56 (Sound 130)

– I Know I Was Wrong/ Paradise Princess, ’56 (Teen 110)

– Chalypso/ Fork In De Road, ’57 (Peak 104)


Dukes (Philadelphia) (Billy Duke & The)

– Rocky Piano/ Daddy Rock And Roll, ’56 (Teen 112)

– Roland/ What You Told Me, ‘58 (Date 1005)

  • Not listed in the book.


Dukes (Oklahoma)

– Teardrop Eyes/ Shimmies & The Shakes, ’56 (Imperial 5401) 73

– Wini Brown/ Cotton Pickin’ Hands, ’56 (Imperial 5415)


– Lost Dreams, ’56 (Imperial-unreleased)

– The Last Ride, ’56 (Imperial-unreleased)

Note:  Lost Dreams and The Last Ride appear on a Bear Family issue of New Orleans Doowop with other titles confirmed to be by the Oklahoma group.  They sound like the same group.


– Baby Please (Imperial-unreleased)

– Bad Luck Blues, ’56 (Imperial-unreleased)

Note:  Have not heard Baby Please or Bad Luck Blues and have left them as listed in the Complete Book of Doowop as part of the Oklahoma Group Discography.


as Four Dukes – Baby Won’t You Please Come Home {I}/ John Henry, ’60 (Imperial 5653)


Dukes (Oklahoma) error – Lovin’ You/ Three Time Loser, ’56 (Imperial 5408)

  • #5408 is by Dave Bartholomew.


Dukes (California)

– Looking For You/ Groceries, Sir, ’59 (Flip 343)

– I Love You/ Leap Year Cha Cha, ’59 (Flip 345)


Note:  This group contained former Robins (Bobby Nunn) and former Coasters (Leon Hughes.)


Dukes (Gemini Group) (Jerry Alexander & The) – Poor Orphan Boy, ’62 (Gemini 901)

Dukes (Gemini Group) (Keith Alexander & The) – Poor Orphan Boy, ’62 (Gemini 901)

  • Scans found for both artists.


Dukes (Gemini Group) – Cheater Sam, ’62 (Gemini 901)

  • No scan found.


Dukes (Illinois) (Skip Arne & The) – Sunshine And Rain/ Angel, ’64 (Little Fort 8688 & Dot 16627)


Dukes (Syracuse) (Don Barber & The) – The Waddle/ What’s Your Name, ’65 (Thunderbird 105)