Dreams Groups

Dreams (Philadelphia)

– Darlene/ A Letter To My Girl, ’54 (Savoy 1130)

– I’m Losing My Mind/ Under The Willow, ’54 (Savoy 1140)

– I’ll Be Faithful/ My Little Honeybun, ’55 (Savoy 1157)


Dreams (Philadelphia) as Kenny Esquire & The Starlites

– They Call Me A Dreamer/ Pretty Brown Eyes, ’56 (Ember 1011)

– Tears Are Just For Fools/ Boom Chica Boom, ’57 (Ember 1021)



Dreams (Connecticut?) (Frank Rossi & The) – Dream Boy/ Around The Corner, ’57 (Mark 7001)



Dreams (Richie Group) – You’re Too Young For Me, ’61 (Richie 457)

as Instrumental Specialty – Are You With That, ’61 (Richie 457)



Dreams (Phoenix Arizona) (ref Connie Conway) – Too Late/ Inexperienced, ’61 (Smash 1748)

(A source lists group members as Donna & Pam Crunk.  Jan Cox might also be part of the group.  Another source indicates these sides were recorded in LA.)



Dreams (West Coast) – I Love You/ Popeye, ’63 (Talent Inc 1003-1004)



Dreams (Bronx) (Darnell & The) (Female Lead) – The Day Before Yesterday/ I Had A Love, ’64 (West Side 1020)

(Both sides are listed on ‘Out Of The Bronx, Volume 1’ (Doo-Wop From Cousins & West Side Records).  One previously unreleased title by Darnell & The Dreams (New Love) is on Volume 2.)



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