Dreamers (Bronx)

Dreamers (Bronx)

– Natalie/ Teenage Vows Of Love, ’60 (Goldisc 3015)

– Because Of You/ Little Girl, ’61 (Cousins 1005 & May 133)


Dreamers (Bronx) (Reformed Group)Yesterday Once More, ’87 (Dream DR-1223 LP)

Side One: Little Darlin’, This I Swear, Because of You (Updated Version), Don’t Ask Me (To Be Lonely), When We Get Married, Everything Has A Place.  

Side Two: Teenage Vows of Love (New Version), Till Then, Tonight (Could Be The Night), I’m So Young, Little Girl (Updated Version), Been So Long.


Gms: Frank Cammarata, John Trancynger, Frank Nicholas, Tony Federico & Bruce Goldie.