Down Beats & Downbeats Groups

Down Beats Groups

The information in youtube comments somewhat connects these groups with varying group members.

  • Group configurations of the Hartford groups are needed. 


No official discography or group member combinations have been found.


Down Beats (Hartford) (Vocal by Roy Nixon) – Hard-Rockin’ Daddy, ’58 (Dee-Cee 714)

Down Beats (Hartford) – Down Beat {I}, ’58 (Dee-Cee 714)


Down Beats (Hartford Groups) – Again/ I’m Gonna Put You Down, ’61 (Entente 001) 

  • Writing credits: L Newman, Do Cochran/ Bea Booze. 


Down Beats (Hartford Groups) 

– Dedicated To The One I Love/ Over My Room, ’66 (Down Beat 1029)

– Bony Maronie/ You’re No Good, ’67 (Down Beat 1030) 


Downbeats (Hartford Groups) – Soul Fool/ I Can’t Hear You No More, ’66 (No Label Name #3069)

  • A source says the group went on to become the Fabulous Downbeats on Poison Ring Records.


Down Beats (Queens) – Here/ Big-N-Heavy {I}, ’58 (Safari 1010)


as Gene Terry – Cindy Lou/ Teardrops In My Eyes, ’58 (Goldband 1066)


Down Beats (Louisiana) (Gene Terry & His)

– No Mail Today/ Never Let Her Go, ’58 (Goldband 1081)

– Cinderella Cinderella/ Guy With A Million Dreams, ’59 (Goldband 1088)


Down Beats (Louisiana) (Gene Terry & His) – Fine-Fine, ’59 (Savoy 1559)

Down Beats (Louisiana) (Ronnie Dee & The) – This Should Go On Forever, ’59 (Savoy 1559)


as Beth Murphy (w Gene Terry & His Down Beats) – Where Were You/ Walking On Air, ’59 (Goldband 1083)


Down Beats (Unknown Origin-Funk Beat)

– Say The Word/ Together {I}, ’70 (Dawn 4531)

– Why Do You Love Another/ You’re The One (The One For Me), ‘71 (Dawn 1031)


Downbeats Groups


formerly Five Emeralds

– I’ll Beg/ Let Me Take You Out Tonight, ’54 (SRC 106)

– Pleasure Me/ Darling, ’54 (SRC 107)


as Sonny Woods & His Downbeats – Let’s Go Steady/ So Many Tears, ’58 (Peacock 1679)

  • Songs were written by Sonny Woods (Detroit) with Norman McLean lead on both sides.
  • Recorded in Detroit for the Houston-based label.


Downbeats (Detroit)

– Someday She’ll Come Along/ You’re So Fine, ’59 (Peacock 1689)

  • Recorded in Detroit for the Houston-based label.

– Your Baby’s Back/ Request Of A Fool, ’62 (Tamla 54056)


Downbeats (Detroit) (New Group w Female Lead) – Darling Baby/ Put Yourself In My Place, ’65 (VIP 25029)

  • First release is by Downbeats.

became Elgins – Darling Baby/ Put Yourself In My Place, ’66 (VIP 25029)

  • Second release is by Elgins.


Downbeats (New York) (w Jimmy Wright & His Orch) – My Girl/ China Doll, ’56 (Gee 1019)


Downbeats (New Hampshire)

– Stay/ Strolling In The Moonlight, ’58 (Hampshire 1001)

– Growing Love/ Sweet Little Jane, ’58 (Hampshire 1002)


Spindrifts (Acc by The Downbeats (New Hampshire) (Lead Freddy Cannon) – Cha Cha Doo, ’58 (ABC-Paramount 9904)

Spindrifts (Acc by The Downbeats (New Hampshire) – Belinda, ’58 (ABC-Paramount 9904) lists their unreleased discography.

  • They are not connected to the Hartford groups. links the group to the Spindrifts.


Downbeats (Texas) error – Come On Over/ Lady Of The Sea, ’59 (Sarg 162)

  • Sarg #162 is by The Moods (Little Alice/ Lady Of The Sea.)


Downbeats (Texas) (Vocal by Charles Lighteard)

– Come On Over (Baby)/ Darling Of Mine, ’59 (Sarg 168)

– Run To Me, Baby/ I Need Your Love, ’59 (Sarg 173)

– I Couldn’t See/ Oh, Please, ’60 (Sarg 186)


Downbeats (Texas) (OS Grant & The) (ft Charles Lighteard) – I Just Can’t Understand, ’62 (Sarg 197)

Downbeats (Texas) (OS Grant & The) – Falling Stars {I}, ’62 (Sarg 197)


Downbeats (Texas) (OS Grant & The) (ft Charles Lighteard) – You Did Me Wrong, ’62 (Sarg 200)

Downbeats (Texas) (OS Grant & The) – Tanya {I}, ’62 (Sarg 200)


Downbeats (Los Angeles) (Featuring Johnny Amelio) – Jugue/ Downbeats, ‘58 (Blue Moon 404/405)

also as:

as Johnny Amelio (Bill Paradis & His Downbeats)

Jugue/ Downbeat’s [sic], ’58 (Blue Moon 405)

– Jo Ann – Jo Ann/ I’ll Forever Love You, ’58 (Blue Moon 408)


Downbeats (Los Angeles)

– Red X/ Alfalfa, ’60 (Wilco 9)

  • Not listed in book and I have not heard either side.

– Playing Possum {I}/ One At A Time {I}, ’60 (Wilco 16)

  • Book listed with the Texas Downbeats.

The Wilco sides were recorded in Monterey before Chuck Daniels was part of the group.


The following are Chuck Daniels related.

Spartans (Los Angeles) (w The Starlets & The Downbeats) – Love Is Strange, ’61 (Audio International 102)

Spartans (Los Angeles) (w The Downbeats) – One More Chance, ’61 (Audio International 102)


Downbeats (Los Angeles) – Charlston/ Safari, ’61 (Audio International 103)

  • Not listed in book.


Downbeats (Los Angeles) (Chuck Daniels & The) – Tiny Tim/ Saturday Nite On The Moon {I} (1:50), ’61 (Audio International 204)

  • The B-side is later released as ‘Moon Flight’ and credited as Lonely Guys.


by Lonely Guys – The Way You Look Tonight, ’61 (Caddy 117)

credited as Lonely Guys – Moon Flight {I} (1.50), ’61 (Caddy 117)

  • Same song as ‘Saturday Nite On The Moon’ credited to the Downbeats.


The book’s Downbeats (LA) listing is incomplete.  See the post on this site/Hi Tensions (LA)/Angels for their connection.


Downbeats (Chicago) (Russ Vestee & The) – People Been Sayin’/ Shy Guy, ’61 (Nero 17000)

Gms:  Russ Vestuto (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Larry Nestor (keyboards), Carmine Menna (Guitar) & Eddie Hoh (drummer).


Downbeats (Hong Kong Group) – It Won’t Be Easy/ You Gotta Tell Me, ’66 (Dynamite 243 & Hong Kong Diamond 243)

  • The book dated 1962.  A photo of the group is around the mid-sixties.
  • Two sources date 1966.


Downbeats (Kansas-White Group) – 1-2-3/ Trying To Get Through (Kanwic 137)

  • Date is likely mid-late 60s.  Motown.


2 thoughts on “Down Beats & Downbeats Groups

  1. I have the 45, Playing Possum – great instrumental.
    You also left off The Downbeats who came from central California and recorded: Jugue, Joanne-Joanne and The Downbeats for Blue Moon Records which was located in Santa Clara, CA.

    • Thanks for the additional information about the early Downbeats involving Johnny Amelio. The Rockabilly sides are good. The provided link has been updated so readers can follow the history of this group. The listed site is a good source.

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