Doris Browne (& Group)

Doris Browne (& Group)

– Please Believe Me/ Oh, Baby!, ’53 (Gotham 290)

– Until The End Of Time/ Why Don’t You Love Me Now, Now, Now, ’53 (Gotham 296)

– The Game Of Love/ My Cherie, ’53 (Gotham 298)

– Am I Asking Too Much/ When The Moon Is High, ’53 (Gotham 303)

  • The book did not list these sides.


Doris Brown is a singer from Philadelphia.  The book and most sources list her BB as The Capris who formed in 1954.  No authority was found for BB as the Capris.  


At/, they say, according to George Moonoogian, the BB is the Normanaires and not the Capris.  The Normanaires’ members were Malcolm Williams, William Glover, Doryce Browne & Samuel Dillworth.  A confirmation (with supporting documentation) is needed if Doryce Browne and Doris Browne are the same person.


Label scans found included (Doc Bagby Orch) in the credits and information is that they were the BB on some releases.


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