Dolphins Groups

Dolphins (NY) (Dougie & The) – Yesterday’s Dreams/ Double Date, ’59 (Angle Tone 542) (No scans found.)

Dolphins (NY) – Tel Tale Kisses/ I Found True Love, ’60 (Shad 5020)



Dolphins (NY) (Davy Jones & The)

– The Bullfight/ Strictly Polynesian {I}, ’61 (Audicon 116)

– Love Is Strange/ Velvet Waters, ’61 (Audicon 117)



Book listing error as Dolphins

Daulphins (Davy Jones & The) – Dance, Dance, Little Girl Dance/ Annabelle Lee, ’61 (Sinclair 1005)

(Scans found.  Arranged & Conducted by Vinny Catalano.  This is also a NY label.)



Dolphins (Texas) (Doc & The) – Something About You Darling/ Topless Bathing Suit, ’61 (Dino 2)



previously Dual Tones – Bubble Gum Bop!/ I’ll Belong To You, ’60 (Sabre 204) (See for comments linking these two group names.

Dolphins (NYC Area) – Rainbow,s [sic] End/ One More For The Road, ’61 (Empress 102) (Another pressing isas ‘Rainbow’s End.’)



Dolphins (Chicago)

– Dance/ Pony Race, ’62 (Tip Top 2003 & Gemini 501)

– It Might Break Your Heart/ Why Did You Break My Heart, ’62 (Tip Top 2005)



Dolphins (ref Frank Cari) – Hang On {I}/ Swingin’ Soiree {I}, ’63 (Laurie 3202)



Dolphins (Cincinnati, OH)

– Hey-Da-Da-Dow/ I Don’t Want To Go On Without You, ’64 (Fraternity 937)

– Little Donna/ Beautiful Woman, ’65 (Fraternity 940)



Dolphins (East Coast White Group) – Surfing-East Coast/ I Should Have Stayed, ’66 (Yorkshire 125)

(On Yorkshire #128 they also recorded ‘Endless’ & There Was A Time’ as the Dolphins.  Some members relocated to Texas and recorded as the Chains.  This group of Chains’ recordings are not included in the book.)



Dolphins (California-Soundtrack Grp) (Davey Jones & The) – Hell Cats/ The Only Way To Fly, ’68 (Tower 4527)

(Scans found as ‘Davey.’  The Hellcats Soundtrack lists the group as ‘Davy Jones & The Dolphins.’)



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