Dimples/The Dimples Groups

The Eddie Cooley & The Dimples group is located in New York.


Dimples (NY) (Eddie Cooley & The)

– Priscilla/ Got A Little Woman, ’56 (Royal Roost 621)

– A Spark Met A Flame/ Driftwood, ’57 (Royal Roost 626)

– Hey You!/ Pull Mon Pull, ’57 (Royal Roost 628)

– Leona/ Be My Steady (Clementine), ’59 (Triumph 609)


reissue as Eddie Cooley – Priscilla/ A Spark Met A Flame, ’60 (Roulette 4272)


The book listed the following as the same group and they do sound alike.

  • Sources and comments indicate they are three different groups.
  • The information is not conclusive but credible.
  • Group members are needed for the following entries. 



as The Dimples – Toy Telephone/ Gimme Jimmy, ’58 (Era 1079, Doré 2001 & Era 3079, ’62) 

  • This is reported to be a Ricky Page-connected group of girls who do only this one song.
  • Writing credits on both sides: J Saraceno, F Perry, A Firth.



as Dimples – An Invitation To A Party/ My Sister’s Beau, ’59 (Doré 517)

  • Writing credits: Kronds, Jacobson/ Hoffman, Jay.

To paraphrase a comment on youtube, someone wrote: “I am the one on ‘Invitation To A party and My Sister’s Beau’, but I am not the one singing on ‘Toy Telephone or Gimme Jimmy.’



Dimples as The Dimples (Philadelphia Label) – Dreaming Of You/ Please Don’t Be Angry With Me, ’64 (Cameo 325)

  • Writing credits on both sides: R Mareno, J Sawyer.


The relevant part of a youtube comment: “I’m one of the “girls” (high harmony) … I recorded with my two best friends in high school.”  Writing for both sides is Mareno & Sawyer.


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