Dimples/The Dimples Groups

The Eddie Cooley & The Dimples group is located in New York.

Dimples (NY) (Eddie Cooley & The)

– Priscilla/ Got A Little Woman, ’56 (Royal Roost 621)

– A Spark Met A Flame/ Driftwood, ’57 (Royal Roost 626)

– Hey You!/ Pull Mon Pull, ’57 (Royal Roost 628)

– Leona/ Be My Steady (Clementine), ’59 (Triumph 609)

reissued as Eddie Cooley – Priscilla/ A Spark Met A Flame, ’60 (Roulette 4272)



The book listed the following as the same group and they do sound alike.  Sources and comments indicate they are three different groups.  The information is not conclusive but credible.  Group members are needed.


Dimples as The Dimples – Toy Telephone/ Gimme Jimmy, ’58 (Era 1079, Dore 2001 & Era 3079, ’62)

(This is reported to be a Ricky Page-connected group of girls who do only this one song.)



Dimples as Dimples – An Invitation To A Party/ My Sister’s Beau, ’59 (Dore 517)

(To paraphrase a comment on youtube, someone wrote: “I am the one on Invitation To A party and My Sister’s Beau, but I am not the one singing on Toy Telephone or Gimme Jimmy.”)



Dimples as The Dimples (Philadelphia Label) – Dreaming Of You/ Please Don’t Be Angry With Me, ’64 (Cameo 325)

(The relevant part of a youtube comment: “I’m one of the “girls” (high harmony) … I recorded with my two best friends in high school.”  Writing for both sides is Mareno & Sawyer.)


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