Devotions Groups

Devotions (NY) – Silly Milly/ Worried About You Baby, ’58 (Cub 9020)



Devotions (Queens)

– Rip Van Winkle (2.13-2.20)/ (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, ’61 (Delta 1001, Roulette 4406 & Roulette 4541, ’64)

– A Sunday Kind Of Love/ Tears From A Broken Heart, ’64 (Roulette 4556)

– Zindy Lou/ Snow White, ’64 (Roulette 4580)

– How Do You Speak (To An Angel)/ Teardrops Follow Me, ’72 (Kape 701) (Andy Sanchez (Ray’s brother) is lead.)

Who Can She Be, ’76 (Robin Hood 137) (Scan found.  A-side flip is ‘My Foolish Heart’ by The 5 Discs.)


Devotions (Queens) The Lost Tapes CD (Sting Music 8241) (All their 45s + 11 previously unreleased and/or alternate takes.)

– Rip Van Winkle, For Sentimental Reasons, Tears From A Broken Heart, Sunday Kind Of Love, Zindy Lou, Snow White, Looking For My Baby, Practice What You Preach, How Do You Speak To An Angel, Teardrops Follow Me (The Lost Tapes), Secret Love, Soft And Sweet, Sunday Kind Of Love, Rip Van Winkle, Three Wishes, Sincerely, Tears From A Broken Heart, Who Can She Be, Stormy Weather, Little Girl Of Mine, For Sentimental Reasons.


Symbols (Marty (Ratner) & The)/ Symbols (M.R. Baseman & The) (You’re The One/ Rip Van Winkle (2.48)):  Who are these guys??  A review of the liner notes on the Devotions ‘The Lost Tapes’ CD, a group biography on ( and a mini-bio on allmusic do not connect The Symbols on Graphic Arts to the Devotions (Queens).

Information is welcome from those using an aka to connect the Devotions (Queens) and Marty & The Symbols explaining the relationship and how the time-line works out.



Devotions (Unknown Group) – Erlene/ Portrait Of Love, ’94 (Avenue D 22)


Devotions (Calif) (Little Marcus & The) – Lone Stranger Went Mad/ I’ll Always Remember, ’64 (Gordie 1001)


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