DeVilles, Devilles & De Villes

Rueben Grundy DeVille Sisters – Every Word/ Sail-Away, ’58 (Spry 110)

  • Label lists artists beside each other without ‘& The’.


DeVille Sisters – Love And Desire/ Sleep Baby Sleep, ’58 (Spry 111)

  • Not in book.


De Villes (Los Angeles) – Do Wop/ Kiss Me Again And Again, ’58 (Aladdin 3423)

  • Book listed with the North Carolina group of Devilles but separately from the other groups of Devilles.
  • Writing credits: E Tate, W Gibson, E Bledsoe/ E Tate & W Gibson.


as Devilles (Los Angeles) – Just Keep Me In Mind/ Goddess Of Angels (My only Love), ’60 (Talent 103)

  • B-side writing credits: S Braccey, E Johnson, E Tate.
  • Book lists with other Devilles groups.


Devilles (Hollywood Label) – Joan Of Love/ Tell Me So, ’59 (Orbit 540)

  • Writing credits: Russ Regan/ Burt Daniels.
  • Some sources state the release on ‘Orbit’ is part of the Los Angeles Devilles.


DeVilles (North Carolina) – Troubled Heart/ Without Warning, ’60 (Dixie 1108)

  • See comment for scan link.


DeVilles (Vancouver BC) (ft Wayne Gust) – Searching For Love, ’60 (Jerden 107)

DeVilles (Vancouver BC) (Lead Gary Tobin-uncredited) – Mary Lee, ’60 (Jerden 107)

  • Scans found.


The following comment by Fred Gallant on a youtube video clarifies many misconceptions about the group and the songs.

  • “Let me set the record straight. Mary Lee was recorded at a home studio in Seattle, WA. in 1960.
  • “The lead vocal was done by Seattle local Gary Tobin. Wayne Gust played guitar, his brother Eddie played bass, Dennis Lyons played piano and Fred Gallant played drums.
  • “The background vocals were done by local Seattle gals.
  • “Mary Lee was placed on the flip side of the 45 Searchin’ For Love by the Devilles.
    • “The Devilles provided the backing on Mary Lee as a favour to the producer.



DeVilles (Jersey City) – No Money/ I Do Believe, ’62 (Arrawak 1001)

  • Writing credits on each side: Williams, Anderson, McDonald, Stewart.


Devilles (Unknown Location) – Give Your Love To Me/ Down On The Farm, ’61 (Acclaim 1002)

  • Writing credits: Jimmy Lewis/ C Patterson-J Lewis.
  • Some sources state the release on ‘Acclaim’ is part of the Los Angeles Devilles.


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    • Oops! The book was correct but I reversed the ‘ue’. Thanks for your great eyesight. Also, I’ve added the DeVille Sisters to the post.

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