DeVilles, Devilles & De Villes

Rueben Grundy DeVille Sisters – Every Word/ Sail-Away, ’58 (Spry 110)

(Label lists artists beside each other without ‘& The’)

DeVille Sisters – Love And Desire/ Sleep Baby Sleep, ’58 (Spry 111) (Not in book.)



De Villes – Do Wop/ Kiss Me Again And Again, ’58 (Aladdin 3423)

(Label shows as De Villes.  Book listed with Devilles (North Carolina).  The book separated them from the other groups.)



Devilles (Hollywood Label) – Joan Of Love/ Tell Me So, ’59 (Orbit 540)



Devilles (Los Angeles Label) – Just Keep Me In Mind/ Goddess Of Angels, ’60 (Talent 103)

(Book lists with other Devilles groups.)



DeVilles (North Carolina) – Troubled Heart/ Without Warning, ’60 (Dixie 1108) (See comment for scan link.)



DeVilles (Vancouver BC) (ft Wayne Gust) – Searching For Love, ’60 (Jerden 107)

DeVilles (Vancouver BC) (Lead Gary Tobin-uncredited) – Mary Lee, ’60 (Jerden 107)

(Scans found.  Book listed under Devilles (2).

The following comment by Fred Gallant on a youtube video clarifies many misconceptions about the group and the songs.

  ‘Let me set the record straight. Mary Lee was recorded at a home studio in Seattle, WA. in 1960. The lead vocal was done by Seattle local Gary Tobin. Wayne Gust played guitar, his brother Eddie played bass, Dennis Lyons played piano and Fred Gallant played drums. The background vocals were done by local Seattle gals. Mary Lee was placed on the flip side of the 45 Searchin’ For Love by the Devilles. The Devilles provided the backing on Mary Lee as a favour to the producer. FRED GALLANT.’)



DeVilles (Jersey City) – I Do Believe/ No Money, ’62 (Arrawak 1001)

(Book lists with other Devilles groups.)



Devilles (Unknown Location) – Give Your Love To Me/ Down On The Farm, ’61 (Acclaim 1002)


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    • Oops! The book was correct but I reversed the ‘ue’. Thanks for your great eyesight. Also, I’ve added the DeVille Sisters to the post.

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