Desires Groups & Jive Tones

Desires (NYC Female Group) – Bobby You/ Cold Lonely Heart, ’58 (Herald 532)



Desires (ref Regents)

– Barbara-Ann, ’58 (Unreleased)

– Teenage Love, 58 (Unreleased)

– Story Of Love/ I Ask You, ’62 (Seville 118)

(As a group nothing was released under their name until the Seville 118 sides in 1962.  Barbara-Ann was recorded by them in 1958 and released by the Regents in 1961 under the Regents name.  The Desires were comprised of various members and some became the Regents.)



Desires (NY) (ref Jim Whittier)

– Let It Please Be You/ Hey Lena, ’59 (Hull 730)

– Rendezvous With You/ Set Me Free (My Darling), ’60 (Hull 733)

– Me And You (Hull-Unreleased)

– Coast Of Red (Hull-Unreleased)

– A Talk To Mother (Hull-Unreleased)

– I Love Paris (Hull-Unreleased)

– Sidewalks Of New York (Hull-Unreleased)

– So Close To An Angel (Hull-Unreleased)

(The relationship between the Jive Tones and Desires (NY) is that Jim Whittier was a member of both groups.)


Jive Tones (ref Jim Whittier)

– Ding Ding Dong/ Geraldine (2”13), ’58 (Apt 25020)

(In error, the book also listed these sides on Rhythm 5001.  #5001 ‘You Know Baby/ Geraldine’ is by The Fabulous Swing Tones.)

– Zip Zip (Apt-Unreleased)

– When (Apt-Unreleased)



Desires (Bronx-NY) (w Vince Catalano Orch) – I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do)/ Longing, ’60 (20th Fox 195) (Young teen group.)



Desires (Chicago Label) – Need Someone/ Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, Ha, ’62 (Moneytown 602)

(Dee Impulse is also listed as a label but nothing definitive was found.)



Desires (Harlem? NY) – There I Go Again/ I Never Loved Like This, ’62 (Smash 1763)



Desires (Rhode Island) – The Girl For Me/ Phyllis Beloved, ’62 (Dasa 102)



Desires (Domain Group) (Rosko & The) – Pledging My Love/ The B.M.T., ’63 (Domain 1021)



Desires (Los Angeles) (Julie & The) (BV The Blossoms-uncredited) (ref Sherrell Townsend) – Kiss And Tell/ Sand Dune, ’64 (Zig-Zag 101 & Laurie 3266)

(Zig-Zag and Laurie b-side promo scans found.)


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