Dell Tones/Dell-Tones/Delltones, Deltones/Del-Tones

Dell Tones Group & Related Releases


as Enchanters

Today Is Your Birthday/ How Could You (Break My Heart), ’52 (Jubilee 5072)

  • ‘Today Is Your Birthday’ is a cover of the title originated by the Sugar Tones.  The two groups are unrelated.

– I’ve Lost/ Housewife Blues, ’52 (Jubilee 5080)


With some member changes, the Enchanters becomes the Dell Tones.


Dell Tones (Harlem) – Yours Alone/ My Heart’s On Fire, ’53 (Brunswick 84016)


as Dell-Tones (Kelly Owens Orchestra) – I’m Not In Love With You/ Little Short Daddy, ’54 (Rainbow 244)


as Delltones

– Baby Say You Love Me/ Don’t Be Long, ’55 (Baton 212)

– My Special Love/ Believe It, ’56 (Baton 223)

  • Scans found.


as The Kings And Queens And Band – Voices Of Love/ I’m So Lonely, ’57 (Everlast 5003)

  • ‘The Kings & Queens’ is a combined Orioles (Kings) and Delltones (Queens).


Dell-Tones (San Antonio)


Dell-Tones (San Antonio) (J Jay & The) – Too Late To [sic] Forgive/ Just A Matter Of Time, ’63 (Cobra 5555)


as Dino (Bazan) & The Dell Tones (ft Victor Montez-Guitar) – Daydream {I}/ Slapstick {?}, ’65 (Cobra 1117)

  • Scans were found for this artist in Spanish as Dell-Tones.


Delltones (Australia)


Delltones (Australia) – You’ve Got What It Takes, ’95 (Sunshine Club Album)


Deltones Groups & Related Artists


Deltones (Chicago) (Male Group)

– I’m Coming Home/ Early Morning Rock, ’58 (Vee-Jay 288)

– A Lovers [sic] Prayer/ First Man To The Moon, ’58 (Vee-Jay 303)

  • Both sides scan as Deltones.  Book and other sources list artist as Delteens.


as Del Tones – And The Angels Sang, ’60 (USA 711)

as Del Tones (w Sal & Side Man) – Please Talk To Me, ’60 (USA 711)


as Parlaments – To Be Alone/ My Only Love, ’61 (USA 719)

  • Scans are as Parlaments.


Deltones (Female Group) – Jerry/ Rock ’N Cha Cha, ’58 (Roulette 4081)

as Deltones (Debbie Stevens & The) – Rock ‘N Cha Cha, ’58 (Roulette 4081)

  • A former source (collectorsfrenzy) had a scan for this release.


Allen Page With The Deltones (Memphis) – Dateless Night/ I Wish You Were Wishing, ’58 (Moon 302)


Deltones (NY Label) – La-La-La, ’59 (Jubilee 5374)

Deltones (NY Label) (ft The Gypsy) – Bow-Legged Annie, ’59 (Jubilee 5374)


Deltones (New York) – I Never Knew/ Framed (Story On Page One), ’60 (20th Fox 175)


Deltones (Dayhill) – Hey, Little Girl/ Since I Met You, ’61 (Dayhill 1002)


Beltones (Newark NJ) as Deltones (Ronnie Baker & The) – My Story/ I Want To Be Loved, ’62 (Laurie 3128)


Del-Tones Groups


Del-Tones (Maestro) (Vocal M Miller) – Lookin’ For A Gal/ No Darlin’ No (Maestro 1919)

  • Book listed as Delltones.


Del-Tones (Unknown Group) – Best Wishes/ Walking Out The Back Door, ’59 (Ro-Ann 1001)


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