Dell Tones/Dell-Tones/Delltones, Deltones/Del-Tones

Dell Tones (Harlem) as Enchanters

– Today Is Your Birthday/ How Could You (Break My Heart), ’52 (Jubilee 5072)

– I’ve Lost/ Housewife Blues, ’52 (Jubilee 5080)

(With some member changes, the Enchanters becomes the Dell Tones.  The Enchanters cover ’Today Is Your Birthday’, originated by the Sugar Tones.  The two groups are unrelated.)


Dell Tones (Harlem) – Yours Alone/ My Heart’s On Fire, ’53 (Brunswick 84016)


Dell Tones (Harlem) as Dell-Tones (Kelly Owens Orchestra) – I’m Not In Love With You/ Little Short Daddy, ’54 (Rainbow 244)


Dell Tones (Harlem) as Delltones

– Baby Say You Love Me/ Don’t Be Long, ’55 (Baton 212)

– My Special Love/ Believe It, ’56 (Baton 223) (Scans found.)


Dell Tones (Harlem) as The Kings And Queens And Band – Voices Of Love/ I’m So Lonely, ’57 (Everlast 5003)

(Kings & Queens is a combined Orioles (Kings) and Delltones (Queens)


Dell-Tones (San Antonio) (J Jay & The) – Too Late To [sic] Forgive/ Just A Matter Of Time, ’63 (Cobra 5555)


Dell-Tones (San Antonio) as Dino (Bazan) & The Dell Tones (ft Victor Montez-Guitar) – Daydream {I}/ Slapstick {?}, ’65 (Cobra 1117)

  • Scans were found for this artist in Spanish as Dell-Tones.


Delltones (Australia) – You’ve Got What It Takes, ’95 (Sunshine Club Album) (This is the only item the book listed for this rock and roll group.  See for more info.)



Deltones (Chicago) (Male Group)

– I’m Coming Home/ Early Morning Rock, ’58 (Vee-Jay 288)

– A Lovers [sic] Prayer/ First Man To The Moon, ’58 (Vee-Jay 303)

(Both sides scan as Deltones.  Book and other sources list artist as Delteens.)


Deltones (Chicago) as Del Tones – Please Talk To Me/ And The Angels Sang, ’60 (USA 711)


Deltones (Chicago) as Parlaments – To Be Alone/ My Only Love, ’61 (USA 719) (Scans are as Parlaments.)



Deltones (Female Group) – Jerry, ’58 (Roulette 4081)

Deltones (Female Group) (Debbie Stevens & The) – Rock ‘N Cha Cha, ’58 (Roulette 4081) (Scan found as Debbie Stevens & The Deltones.  The source is collectorsfrenzy.)



Allen Page With The Deltones (Memphis) – Dateless Night/ I Wish You Were Wishing (3:03), ’58 (Moon 302)



Deltones (NY Label) – La-La-La, ’59 (Jubilee 5374)

Deltones (NYLabel) (ft The Gypsy) – Bow-Legged Annie, ’59 (Jubilee 5374)



Deltones (New York) – I Never Knew/ Framed (Story On Page One), ’60 (20th Fox 175)



Deltones (Dayhill) – Hey, Little Girl/ Since I Met You, ’61 (Dayhill 1002)



Beltones (Newark NJ) as Deltones (Ronnie Baker & The) – My Story/ I Want To Be Loved, ’62 (Laurie 3128)



Del-Tones (Maestro) (Vocal M Miller) – Lookin’ For A Gal/ No Darlin’ No (Maestro 1919) (Book listed as Delltones.)


Del-Tones (Unknown Group) – Best Wishes/ Walking Out The Back Door, ’59 (Ro-Ann 1001)


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