Del Satins (Solo Discography)

as Dell Satins – I’ll Pray For You/ I Remember The Night, ’61 (End 1096)


as Del-Satins

– Counting Tear Drops/ Remember, ’61 (Win 702)

– Teardrops Follow Me/ Best Wishes, Good Luck, Goodbye, ’62 (Laurie 3132)


Del Satins

– Ballad Of A Dee-Jay/ Does My Love Stand A Chance, ’62 (Laurie 3149)

– Feelin’ No Pain/ Who Cares, ’63 (Columbia 42802)

– Two Broken Hearts/ Believe In Me, ’64 (Mala 475)

– Hang Around/ My Candy Apple Vette, ’65 (BT Puppy 506)

– A Girl Named Arlene/ Sweets For My Sweet, ’65 (BT Puppy 509)

  • No label scans were found for #563.
  • Some discographies list ‘A Girl Named Arlene/ I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow’ on BT Puppy #563 asby the Del Satins.  The book and others lists #563 asby The Tokens.
    • Both groups released the A-side (BT Puppy #500 (Tokens) and #509 (Del Satins).
    • The B-side was only found asby The Tokens.

– Relief/ The Throwaway Song, ’65 (BT Puppy 514)

– A Little Rain Must Fall/ Love, Hate, Revenge (If I Want You To Cry), ’67 (Diamond 216)


Del Satins – I’ll Never Know, ’95 (Park Ave 11)

Del Satins (ft Stan Zizka) – I Don’t Care, ’95 (Park Ave 11)


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