Delighters (Chicago) & Donald Jenkins Groups

Delighters (Chicago) (Donald & The) – (Native Girl) Elephant Walk/ Wang Dang Dula, ’63 (Cortland 109)


Delighters (Chicago) (Donald Jenkins & The)

– Adios My Secret Love/ Somebody Help Me, ’63 (Cortland 112)

– I’ve Settled Down/ Hide And Go Seek, ’63 (Cortland 116)


Many references appear for Donald & The Daylighters.

  • A scan as ‘Elephant Walk (2:41)’ on Astra 1050 is available at with a note the title was originally issued on Cortland (2.41).
    • The Astra 1050 flip is a reissue of  ‘Oh What A Way To Be Loved’ by The Daylighters on Dot/ Tip Top.
  • It appears that a label /printing error has occurred by crediting Donald & The Daylighters.


Fortunes (Chicago) (gm Donald Jenkins)

– Believe In Me/ My Baby Is Fine, ’55 (Checker 818)

– Bread/ Love (Recorded 1955), ’81 (Parrot 804 (Boot) & Relic LP 7073)

– Break (Recorded 1955), ’90 (Relic LP 5088)


Starr Brothers (gm Donald Jenkins)

– Don Juan/ Down On My Knees, ’63 (Cortland 104)

– Mr Auctioneer/ Beautiful Woman, ’63 (Cortland 106)


Starr Brothers as Candles (Chicago) – Down On My Knees, ’64 (Nike 1016)

  • The flip ‘Junior’ is also credited to the Candles (Chicago) but said to be by the Blenders (Chicago) and not the Starr Brothers/ Candles.
    • The songs sound like different groups.