Delighters (Chicago) & Donald Jenkins Groups

Delighters (Chicago) (Donald & The) – (Native Girl) Elephant Walk/ Wang Dang Dula, ’63 (Cortland 109)


Delighters (Chicago) (Donald Jenkins & The)

– Adios My Secret Love/ Somebody Help Me, ’63 (Cortland 112)

– I’ve Settled Down/ Hide And Go Seek, ’63 (Cortland 116)


Delighters (Donald & The) credited in error as Donald & The Daylighters – Elephant Walk, ’65 (Astra 1050)

Many references appear for Donald & The Daylighters.  A scan as ‘Elephant Walk (2:41)’ (Astra 1050) is available at with a note the title was originally issued on Cortland (2.41).  The Astra flip is a reissue of  ‘Oh What A Way To Be Loved’ by The Daylighters on Dot/ Tip Top.  It appears that a label /printing error has occurred by crediting Donald & The Daylighters.)



Fortunes (Chicago) (gm Donald Jenkins)

– Believe In Me/ My Baby Is Fine, ’55 (Checker 818)

– Bread/ Love (Recorded 1955), ’81 (Parrot 804 (Boot) & Relic LP 7073)

– Break (Recorded 1955), ’90 (Relic LP 5088)



Starr Brothers (gm Donald Jenkins)

– Don Juan/ Down On My Knees, ’63 (Cortland 104)

– Mr Auctioneer/ Beautiful Woman, ’63 (Cortland 106)


Starr Brothers as Candles (Chicago) – Down On My Knees, ’64 (Nike 1016)

(The flip (Junior) is also credited to the Candles (2) but said to be by the Blenders (Chicago) and not the Starr Brothers.  The songs sound like different groups.)


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