Del Rios Groups

Del Rios (Memphis) (w The Bearcats) – Alone On A Rainy Nite/ Lizzie, ’56 (Meteor 5038)


Del Rios (Memphis) – Heavenly Angel/ Dangerous Lover, ’62 (Bet-T 7001-2)

  • Book listed separately.


as Del-Rios – There’s A Love/ Just Across The Street, ’62 (Stax 125)

  • With personnel changes, constant 1962 group member is William Bell.


Del Rios (Memphis) – Just For Tonite, ’63 (Fortune LP 8017 (1-2))

  • Book listed as Del-Rios.  Album scan is as/post.


Del Rios (Tennessee) (Jimmy Hurt & The) – You Know Darling (I’m In Love With You)/ Oh What A Feeling, ’59 (Do-Ra-Me 1401)

  • Book listed this group of ‘Del Rios’ separately.


Del Rios (NJ-Girl Group) – I’m Crying/ Wait, Wait, Wait, ’59 (Neptune 108)


Del Rios (New Bedford MA) (Linda & The) – Come On, Let Me Try/ I Don’t Want To Be Loved, ’62 (Crackerjack 4005)


Del Rios (New York) – Valerie/ Mystery, ’63 (Rust 5066)

  • Book listed with the ‘Del Rio’s’ from Texas.


Del Rio’s [sic] (Texas) – The Vines Of Love/ Session, ’57 (Big H 613)

  • Label name and B-side title corrected.