Del Rays, Del-Rays & Delrays Groups

Del Rays Groups


Del Rays (Warner Bros) (accom by The Kee Wees) – My Darling/ The One I Adore, ’58 (Warner Bros 5022)


Del Rays (Little Rock Arkansas) – Lily Maybelle/ When We’re Alone, ’58 (Future 2203)

  • Book spelled as Lily Maebelle.


Del Rays (White Plains NY) – Around The Corner/ Have A Heart, ’59 (Moon 110)


Del Rays (Youngstown Ohio) – Run-Around-Lou/ Mary Is Her Name, ’63 (Tammy 1020)

  • Book listed as Del-Rays.


Del-Rays Groups


Del-Rays (Providence RI) as Dave T (Del-Rays) – Scooter Town/ Girl In My Heart, ’59 (Carousel 212-213)


as Del-Ray’s

– Lorraine/ The Bounce, ’61 (Planet 52)

– Lorraine/ Girl In My Heart, ’81 (Jason Scott 8)


Del-Rays (Alabama) – Dimples/ Fortune Teller, ’63 (R&H 1005)

  • Book listed as Del Rays.


Del-Rays (Memphis) – I Want To Do It (Marry You)/ Don’t Let Her Be Your Baby, ’65 (Stax 162)

  • Book dated 1968.  Label discographies date 1965.


Delrays Groups


Delrays (Reading PA) – Our Love Is True/ One Kiss, One Smile And A Dream, ’58 (Cord 1101)

  • Book listed as Del Rays.


as Teen-Kings – Tell Me If You Know/ That’s A Teen-Age Love, ’59 (Bee 1114-15)


as Delights – My One Desire/ Please Take My Love, ’61 (Nite 1034)


Delrays’ Group


Delrays’ (Chicago) (Detroit Jr & The) – Zig Zag/ I’m Gonna Find Me Another Girl, ’64 (CJ 636)


as Detroit Jr – Can’t Take It/ Mother In Law (Holiday Is Over), ’64 (CJ 637)

  • Scans for both sides asby ‘Detroit Jr.’


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