Dedications Groups

Johnnie Shepherd (BB The Dedications (NY)-uncredited) – How Blue My Heart/ Boom-Boom-Boomerang, ’61 (Tilden 3001)


Dedications (NY) (gms: Mike Paquette, Steve Variccio, Kenny Jeremiah & Bobby Bosco.)

– Why Don’t You Write Me/ Boppin’ Around, ’62 (Card 335-6 & Card 2001)

– Mary Lou/ Shining Star, ’63 (C&A 506 & Jason Scott 10, ’81)


Scott English & The Dedications-NY – (You’re Takin’) Ugly Pills/ When, ’62 (Joker 777)

Scott English (BV The Dedications-NY) – When, ’63 (Sultan 4003 & Spokane 4003)


Dedications (NY) (Reformed Group) (gms: Mike Parquette, Joseph Burke, John Mallon, Ronald Petri & Steve Petri.)

– Why Don’t You Write Me/ My Juanita, ’83 (Avenue D 8)

– Crazy For You/ Never, ’83 (Avenue D 9)



Dedications (Girl Group) – Mr Taxi Cab Driver/ Someone To Love (That’s All I Want), ’64 (Ramarca 602)



Dedications (Susan Label) (Denny & The) – I’ll Show You How To Love Me/ Lost Love (Susan 1111)

(The book dated 1965.  The a-side is A Capella and a youtube source dates the label as 1980s.)



Turtles as Dedications (LA) (ft Freddie, Charlie, Tony, Marty & Lou) – Teardrops/ Teardrops, ’70 (White Whale 340)

(Because of a dispute with White Whale, The Turtles issued Teardrops under the Dedications name.)



Dedications (NJ)

– Angel (I’ll String Along With You)/ Flower Of Love, ’89 (Clifton 86)

– Come Back My Love/ For Your Love, ’90 (Clifton 92)


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