Decoys Groups

Other than sharing one side on Times Square 8 by an unknown Bel-Aires group, neither Decoys group has anything to do with the Belairs or any of their spellings or configurations.


Decoys (Brooklyn)

I Want Only You/ For You, ’63 (Aanko 1005)

  • Some date 1961.

– Memories, ’63 (Aljon 1261)

– It’s Going To Be Alright, ’63 (Times Square 8)

  • Flip is by an unknown Bel-Aires group.

– Tomorrow/ I Want Only You, ’64 (Times Square 9 & Times Square 96)


This is the Connie Questell-connected group.


Decoys (Male Group) – Listen To Me/ Always Be Good, ’64 (Velvet 1001)