Debs Groups

Debs (Texas) (Female) – Shoo Doo-Be Doo/ Whadaya Want, ’55 (Bruce 129)

(Scans found.  Book and some others list a-side title as Shoo Doo De Doo.)


Debs (Texas) (Female) as Three Debs – If You Were Here Tonight, ’55 (Crown 153)

Debs (Texas) (Female) as The Debs – Look What You’re Doin’ To Me, ’55 (Crown 153)

(Scans found.)



Debs (Culver City, CA) (Female) – Doom-A-Roca [sic]/ Johnnie Darling, ’57 (Keen 3-4003)



Debs & The Escorts (Josie Label) – Crew Cuts (We Like), ’58 (Josie 833)

(Neither the Debs (Juvenile) or the Escorts (young male) match other groups of the same names.  Flip is Swingin’ Sam by the Pastels.)



Debs (New Orleans LA) (Ty Robin & The) (Female) – Please Be Good To Me/ I’m Not Sure, ’60 (Rex 1010)



Debs (Sepulveda CA) (Female) – If Wishes Were Kisses/ Muchacha Cha-Cha, ’61 (Echo 1008)

(Writer Georgia Massey; Producer Charlie Aldrich.)



Debs (Beverly Hills CA) (Female) – The Mask/ Dream Boat, ’62 (Infinity 035)



Debs (Atlantic City NJ) (Female) – Danger Ahead/ Just Another Fool, ’63 (Double L 727)

(As/youtube group member comment: gms: Charlottia Gilbert (lead), Monique Fords, Johnnie Lee Manning and Lynn Fields.)


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