Debs Groups

as Three Debs – If You Were Here Tonight, ’55 (Crown 153)

as The Debs – Look What You’re Doin’ To Me, ’55 (Crown 153)

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Debs (Texas) (Female) – Shoo Doo-Be Doo/ Whadaya Want, ’55 (Bruce 129)

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  • Book and some others list A-side title as Shoo Doo De Doo.


Debs (Culver City, CA) (Female) – Doom-A-Roca [sic]/ Johnnie Darling, ’57 (Keen 3-4003)

  • Writing credits: M Taylor.


Debs & The Escorts (Josie Label) – Crew Cuts (We Like), ’58 (Josie 833)

  • Flip is ‘Swingin’ Sam’ by the Pastels.


Neither the ‘Debs’ (Juvenile sound) or the ‘Escorts’ (young male) match other groups of the same names.


Debs (New Orleans LA) (Ty Robin & The) (Female) – Please Be Good To Me/ I’m Not Sure, ’60 (Rex 1010)


Debs (California) (Female) – If Wishes Were Kisses/ Muchacha Cha-Cha, ’61 (Echo 1008)

  • Writer Georgia Massey; Producer Charlie Aldrich.


Debs (California) (Female) – The Mask/ Dream Boat, ’62 (Infinity 035)

  • Writing credits: G Massey, N Calderone/ Val Brown.



Debs (Atlantic City NJ) (Female) – Danger Ahead/ Just Another Fool, ’63 (Double L 727)

  • Writing credits: Bobby Stevenson James Shaw/ Monique Forbes [sic]


As/youtube group member comment: gms: Charlottia Gilbert (lead), Monique Fords [sic], Johnnie Lee Manning and Lynn Fields.