Debonaires, Debonairs & De’Bonairs Groups

Debonaires & Related Groups


Debonaires (Long Island NY)

– Won’t You Tell Me/ I’m Gone, ’56 (Gee 1008)

  • No scans found.

– We’ll Wait/ Make Believe Lover, ’59 (Gee 1054)

– Best Love/ I’d Climb The Highest Mountain (Gee-Unreleased)


Five Debonaires – Darlin’/ Whispering Blues, ’57 (Herald 509)


as Debonaires (Atlanta) – Darling/ Whispering Blues, ’57 (Herald 509)

This is the only release by this group as either the Five Debonaires or Debonaires.

  • They are from Atlanta and unconnected to the Debonaires on Gee.


Debonaires (Connecticut) – This Must Be Paradise/ I Need You Darling, ’58 (Elmont 1004)

  • Writing credits: Rodina Rodina Jordan/ Rodina Rodina Kappa.


Debonaires (Girl Group-PA) – Every Other Day/ Jivin’ Guy, ’59 (Maske 804)


Debonaires (Long Beach CA) 

– Every Once In A While/ Mama Don’t Care, ’59 (Doré 526)

– Every Once In A While/ Gert’s Skirt, ’61 (Doré 592)

– Hold Back The Dawn/ Mama Don’t Care, ’62 (Doré 654)


as Debonairs

– Every Once In Awhile/ Gert’s Skirt, ’63 (Doré 702)

– Everybody’s Movin’/ Mama Don’t Care, ’64 (Doré 712)


as Jades (Long Beach) – Hold Back The Dawn/ When They Ask About You, ’63 (Doré 687)

  • Scans found.


With different personnel, the ‘Doré’ Debonaires are a reformed group out of the ‘Combo’ Debonairs from 1957.


Debonaires (Detroit)

– Please Don’t Say We’re Through/ A Little Too Long, ’64 (Golden World 17)

– Please Don’t Say We’re Through/ Eenie, Meenie, Gypsaleenie, ’65 (Golden World 26)

– How’s Your New Love Treating You/ Big Time Fun, ’66 (Golden World 38)

– COD (Collect On Delivery)/ How’s Your New Love Treating You, ’66 (Golden World 44)


Debonaires (Indiana) (Dickie & The) – Please Mr Disc Jockey/ Yo Yo Girl, ’62 (Valli 302)

  • Book dated 1965.  Others also date 1960.

as Debonairs (Dickie & The) – Yoyo Girl/ Please Mr Disc Jockey, ’79 (Jason Scott 19)

  • Book dated 1982.


Debonaires (Reggae Ska Group) – In The Rain/ Spanish Harlem, ‘72 (Tobin 340)


Debonaires (Funk Group) – I Want To Talk About It (World) Pt 1/ I Want To Talk About It (World) Pt 2, ’67 (Galaxy 787)


Debonairs Groups & Related Artists


Debonairs (Chicago)

  • Note:  While listing as separate groups, the book is correct.
  • A thoroughly researched article by Marv Goldberg linked the groups together and further noted spelling oddities.


as De’Bonairs

– Lanky Linda/ Mothers [sic] Son, ’56 (Ping 1000)

– Say A Prayer For Me/ Cracker-Jack Daddy, ’56 (Ping 1001)


as The Teeners backing Lulu [sic] Reed – Give Me The Right/ Anything To Say You’re Mine, ’58 (Argo 5298)


Debonairs (Chicago) – Ah-La-La/ Fools [sic] Love, ’61 (B&F 1353)


Debonairs (Long Beach CA)

– (Why Can’t We Be) As Other Lovers Are/ The Bill Collector, ’57 (Combo 129)

  • No B-side scan.

Cause Of A Bad Romance/ For The Women I Love, ’58 (Combo 149)

  • Women’ is reported to be a label misprint.
    • Title was to have been ‘For The Woman I Love’ with some sources stating a second pressing corrected the error.
      • No scans found for the corrected issue. 


credited as Debonaires – Cause Of A Bad Romance, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 (2-4))


With different personnel, the Long Beach group reforms in 1959 as The ‘Debonaires.’


Debonairs (Philadelphia) – Crazy Kind Of Love/ To Be Without You, ’60 (Winter 502)


Debonairs (Ohio) (Danny & The) – I Guess I’m Through With Love, ’61 (Debonair 2250)

  • Book listed as Debonaires (Bob & The).


Debonairs (Ohio) (Bob & The) – So Blue, ’61 (Debonair 2251)

  • Book listed as Debonaires.


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