Deans Groups

as Barry Paul – I’ll Love You, ’60 (Zirkon 1001 & Apex 76668) (No Zirkon scan.)

Deans (Montreal Quebec) (Barry & The) – Rock With Me Baby, ’60 (Zirkon 1001 & Apex 76668)



Deans (NYC) previously Four Playboys as 4 Deans – So Very Wrong/ Mr Echo, ’92 (Park Ave 7)

(These sides were recorded in 1958 when the NYC Deans were still the Four Playboys.  They were released as the 4 Deans.  The book listed the a-side as So Very Much.)


Deans (NYC)

– My Heart Is Low/ I’ll Love You Forever, ’60 (Mohawk 114)

– Humpty Dumpty/ La Chiam (Goodluck), ’60 (Mohawk 119)

– It’s You/ I Don’t Want To Wait (Just For Saturday Night), ’61 (Mohawk 126)

– Little White Gardenia/ I Don’t Want To Wait (Just For Saturday Night), ’61 (Laurie 3114)

– I’m Gonna Love You/ Don’t Let Her Cry Tonight (Tin Pan Alley 316) (A 1963 date appearing in a label discography is unconfirmed.  Writer on both sides is William Derusha.)

– Pretty Nola (Tin Pan Alley 319)



Deans (Detroit) (Producer Mike Hanks)

– Oh Little Star/ You Got Me Baby, ’63 (Dean 1928 & Star Maker 1928) (No info found for Dean label.)

– Chills, Chills, Chills/ (Lady Of The) Caravan, ’63 (Star Maker 1931)



Deans (Dolly and The) – What For?/ The Happiest Years, ‘61 (Thornett 1008)


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